The Brush Wars painting competition

To celebrate the release of the first bust in their Resin Cast Range they have launched the Brush Wars painting competition with a huge cash prize going to the winner

You can pick up a copy of the model here
I wish everybody who enters the very best of luck.

Unboxing The Infamy Ton

I got a nice surprise on Saturday - a box from Element Games. Initially I wondered what it could be, as I'd only placed an order the evening before and wasn't expecting anything else from them. It then hit me that recently I'd seen a post on Facebook that James from Infamy had recently had a trip to EG to discuss the shipping of his Welcome to the Big Smoke Kickstarter so I was delighted to find my Infamy Ton inside, ordered online during Salute weekend.

Guild Ball Tokens Go Up For Pre-Order

First they released what is shaping up to be a really awesome game with some cracking models. Then they decided that we needed gaming mats with which to play the game so Crowdfunded them. Now the team at Guild Ball have joined forces with Frozen Forge to put out a host of Tokens and Templates for Pre-Order so we will have everything we would need to play Guild Ball!

New Charity Bundle From Point of Insanity Game Studio

From now until the end of May, Point of Insanity Game Studio will be offering a new charity bundle consisting of Mazes & Missions, Action Planet, TimeSPAN Role Playing Game, and the Planets Systemless Setting.

Wounded Warriors Project logo

All profit from the sales of this bundle will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity that helps American soldiers who have been injured in the line of duty.

Assassinorum: Execution Force - Unboxing & Reviewing GW's New Board Game

Games Workshop recently released a new board game - Assassinorum: Execution Force. It's similar to Space Hulk in style - miniatures on a board rather than a straight up board game and is a "While Stocks Last" item that costs £75 direct. The main draw for most people will be the four new Imperial Assassins, but you also get a Chaos Terminator Lord sprue to allow you to build Trask, The Chaos Sorcerer who is the "Big Bad" if you will, and also 15 snap fit chaos cultists plucked from the Dark Vengeance box set.

Rainbow Brush Painting Contest at Gencon/Wamp

Earlier today, I found out about an awesome little competition that will be taking place soon called The Rainbow Brush. In fact, there will actually be two Rainbow Brush contests - One at Gencon 2015, and one that runs parallel online over at Wamp for everyone else who can't make it, such as us Brits. 

Instead of repeating myself at all, here is the description of the event straight from the horses's mouth, Marike Reimer on her site Destroyer Minis.

Undead Spirit Host - Getting Back To Fantasy - 9/50

It's been a while since I worked on anything Fantasy - probably going back to late last year since I last finished something. So, while I have been focused on getting a few other projects built (Guild Ball Masons along with one or two pieces you'll see in the near future), I've been throwing paint at a Spirit Host to keep my eye in.

Guild Ball Kickstarter Unboxing - Part 4: Morticians and The Union

This week has flown by! We find ourselves with just two teams left to unbox, so there isn't any point delaying any further!