Thursday, 6 April 2017

Ipms Cosford Show 2017.

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As you might be able to see from this map of the royal air force museum shows just how big it is, now add that with a model show and you get something that is cool with something that is great for making an amazing day. (But a lot of walking) 

The pics of the show I have to admit are not as good as they could be and that is mainly because it was a visual overload for me and so much to take in so sorry if they are not as good as I would normally do but I hope this might make people want to go.

To start with we have a plane Sic (special interest group)

Here we have a club stand which shows just how close we all got to the planes.

A (sorry not too sure) ww2 airplane. Plus a if I am not wrong ham and cheese sandwich.   

A helicopter at the museum.

An Airplane at the museum and another great example of just how close it all was to it all.

Another angel of the plane, it was rather hard to take pics as everything was so close it was hard to get it all in without hitting another plane.

Dioramas by the Airborne diorama sig.

Another plane Sig.

A nice little helicopter with pilot. 

Good morning Vietnam, 

Front view of the plane.

Don't you hate it when you have a war to fight and theirs a cow on the tracks.

Here is an example of what I was talking about with the planes being so close.

Changing things up with a Ship or two

The Jetsons brings back some memories. 

Another helicopter.

Was a hard thing to do, but was able to find some figures. 

Lots of planes and now we have had planes, trains and automobiles.

A back end of a plane.

Jet fighters.

Aimed at the white house just in case......

They called it the Great War and now we have a great plane!

A view of the Cold War hanger.

Armored vehicles.

Some more pics of the planes in the hanger.

They named a tank after me!! Well, until I found out my name was matt this is what I was called.

It's sad to see the real thing like this, but this model version is great!

Here you are able to see inside the Jet but I did not take a pic of the inside because it was a bit of a walk to get round and the size of the place I decided against it.  

Some real jets.

Nice bit of action!

Its not a flying tank, but it is a tank!

Good luck reversing that plane out without hitting a car or 20.

View of the cold war hanger.

My dad told me the long history of this plane I won't bore you, but it was long and interesting.

Turned out the war was fought in the winter! 

And these guys lost!

Hope their building insurance was up to date. 

When you say pill box around some of the modelers, it means two things (could not help that one)

I asked the plane was not for sale.

And finally we have a pic of a Jet and a club stand.

This comes to the End of the pics of the show hope you all enjoyed it and maybe some of this might be tempted you to make the trip next year.

Next week it will be back to painting with a family visit for the last week or so has put things on hold, but I do have something planned and been working on something I hope you will all like. 

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  1. I missed it this year so thanks for the images.