South Cheshire Militaire

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So the last show that I have been to was the south cheshire militaire
Come and have a look at what was to offer.

Huddersfield 2018 Model Show.

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I understand I am running behind on my show Posts but I plan to catch up with them the next two weeks.

This year there was some issue at the show with traders unable to make it because of another show becoming a two day event, meaning there were a few empty spaces at the show which was a shame but did not put a damper on a grate day!

Making leaves.

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Baseing can sometimes need a little something to make it look that little bit more realistic.
So lets make some leaves! 

Bolton 2018 Show!!

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New year with the start of new Shows!!

Come have a look at what was on offer.

Cant find it, make it!

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Ever wanted to do something thing and to do it you may have needed to buy something that cost more than you would like for what you want to do Or you just cant find anything that would do the job well I did and thought I might as well make it!!

skaven rat ogre pt 1.

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So In keeping with my plans from last weeks New year new me, I had a look through what minis I had and what would end up as bits of bases and so on and there are a few very bad ones I must say but that's ebay job lots for you, I was however about to fish out a workable Rat ogre and that is what I will be painting first.

New Year, New me!

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I know, its the biggest cliche going, but we all like to sit down and try to plan what we would like to have done by this time next year. I also have something this I would like to focus on and try to do as well as something big that will be happening soon. 

So come have a look what I plan to do and have done.

Review: seam line scraper

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With this being crazy right now I thought I little review might be better than nothing.

So we will be looking at the Model craft seam scraper.

Scenic Base

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Right first off, this is not a review I just like to add pictures and could not think of one so this other than a scenic base, the story of this was it was ment to be done for the Massive voodoo comp, but as time did not permit I was unable to get it done on time but I still wanted to do it. 

Also, why buy one when you can make one!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger Show case.

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This has been a great way to learn something new and doing something that started as a playing with colour I feel turned out to be a good finished model.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pt 2.

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I do understand this is not an official part two, because of the fact I did not really do a part one, but because I enjoy the work on was doing on it from the post Enough is Enough I thought I would finish it official even though it is an off cast and I did not sort out mold line and that's because I did not plan to finish I wanted to use it as a play model so to speak, but anyway here we go to finsih it.

GhostBusters Echo 1A Showcase.

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Have to apoligise for the poor picture I do not have a set up at this time to take pics of lager models.
Also would like to do a big thanks to Dave watts who done the base for the model. anyway enjoy.

Commission build mustang mach 1

On Wirral ipms group page it was offered for someone to build this car for a lady whose husband had passed away but had to be built within 9 days,pics show various points of build this is 4 days in.

Ghostbusters Echo 1a Pt 2.

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With a new Echo arrived and my mistake behind me its time to crack on and get this done so I can do what I really like figures!

Sutton Coldfield Show.

This would be my second year going to this show and here are only some of the models on show again sorry that I do not know the names of plans and tanks but I'll give it ago.

Wombourne Show


(I know the Picture is out of date, but the show is not.)

This show was a lot smaller then what I thought, but there were models to take pictures of and everyone was very nice and it was a good show!

And here they are.

Ghostbusters Echo 1a.

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With Talford round the corner, its time for building the model for the table and this year because its the 30th anniversary of the club it was decided that the theme would be the 80's so anything that's related to the 80's I went for the Echo 1a and here we go!