Unboxing Lilith from Nocturna Models

Two weeks ago I unboxed the Elf Prince from Michael Kontraros and said was one of the most beautiful miniatures I own. I think this one gives him a run for his money.

Unboxing Kabuki's Bonny Anne Bust (NSFW)

Back in March, Kabuki released previews of their 1/8 Scale Bonny Anne bust. I liked the look of her, so asked Brett at the Wamp Store to grab me one when shipping my Kickstarter order. And so, here she is!

As the title says, beyond this point could be considered NSFW. Mainly because that vest top you can see on the box art? That's an optional piece. 

Basius 2 - The Milliput Experiments.

Recently, I picked up a couple of Basius 2 pads from the Wargames Bakery Kickstarter for them and posted about my first attempts at using green stuff with them. I got a couple of comments suggesting I try Milliput with them, so that's exactly what I've done!

Unboxing The Elf Dragon Prince from Michael Kontraros

There are some things in life that you have to just stop and admire. These can range from a great view to a cracking goal. I firmly believe that this miniature belongs in this category.

This guy is the Elf Dragon Prince from Michael Kontraros Collectibles. He's a beautifully crafted 90mm resin model, complete with scenic base. Of course, he has a price that reflects how awesome he is.

Free Forge World Shipping and Exclusive Space Marine Legion Centurion

To celebrate their new website going live, Forge World are offering free standard shipping on orders over £100 and also have an exclusive miniature to mark the occasion - a Space Marine Legion Centurion. Both the free shipping and Marine are available until 30th September so if you've ever fancied dipping in to Forge World, now would be a pretty good time to do it.

Q and A with Scott Hockley

Hi I'm Scott from Colchester, UK. 41, 6ft tall, dad bod, GSOH etc, married with a 3 year old son. A painter and modeller who runs a window company in my spare time... Lol. 

Death from Purgatory - Up for Pre-Order

Our friends over at Purgatory have put their first ever miniature up for Pre-Order!

Death is a 32mm scale high quality resin model and the first representation of Eve to hit production.

Wamp Brushes Kickstarter (And Extras!) Unboxing

A few months back, I helped out with the production and running of a Kickstarter project with Brett over at Wamp. His idea was to get a set of brushes developed specifically for miniature painters from the best materials. Fast forward a few weeks from that and we exceeded our wildest expectations by hitting over £42k and over 6000 brushes, which were only slightly larger figures than the £850 and 160 Brushes we needed to produce to hit the minimum.

Add in a little time for pledge management, production and shipping, which brings me up to Saturday morning, when a large box arrived for me.

Yes, there is other stuff in the box, but that's secret and will be revealed over the coming weeks ;)

Unboxing 54mm Telsa and Crookes from Infamy Miniatures

A while back, I posted an unboxing blog about The Infamy Ton. I picked it up online but if I'd have picked it up at Salute, I'd have had the chance to switch out some of the items for 54mm models of Tesla and Sgt Crookes.

Thankfully, for Nikola Tesla's birthday, James opened up the Infamy store with these two limited edition miniatures in it - and they're only going to be available during 2015. James also opened up the chance to split the shipping batches on any Kickstarter goodies, but I resisted taking that option as I want to receive everything in one big box.