About Us

Noobs and their paintbrush is a blog about our passion of miniature painting and wargaming and all things related to our hobby.

First and most important thing that has to be said, we are not the best painters or wargamers around and some might say we are just okish, so if you have come here hoping to see some golden demon painting masters then we are afraid to disappoint you.

What we are is the 90% of the people who play or paint Miniatures and maybe together we will be able to push our self further and break our way into the elite 10%

Please bear with us as we are just starting out, but over time we hope to create a "Clog" Community blog of interviews, reviews, unboxing, Wips, war reports, miniature news, events, competitions and articles related to the miniature painting/wargaming.

If you wish to tell us about new miniatures, competition, events or joining our "Clog" please use the contact form at the bottom on the page and we will be more than happy to help where we can.

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