Guild Ball Kickstarter Unboxing - Part 2: Fishermen and Masons

Now we are at Wednesday in our Guild Ball week, let's finally get a look up close at some models!

Today, as the title indicates, we're going to be having a look at the Fisherman's Guild and the Mason's Guild.

Guild Ball Kickstarter Unboxing - Part 1

Welcome to Guild Ball Week! This little series will run (cunningly) until the end of the working week, and detail everything that turned up in my Guild Ball Kickstarter reward box.

For those that haven't heard of it, Guild Ball is a new medieval based skirmish ball game made by Steamforged Games. Gamers take control of one of several Guilds, ranging from Masons to Morticians, Brewers to Butchers, with the goal of either scoring more goals than your opponent or leaving them in such a shape that they are unable to do the same to you.

Guild Ball Week

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This week on Noobs and their paint brush we are dedicating the week to Guid ball. Fans of the game or people who might be interested, but would like to know more this week is for you.

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen - Knight Models' Daredevil 8/50

Like many people, I got caught up in Daredevil when it was released on Netflix a few weeks back, finishing the series (which is awesome - highly recommend it) the day after it's release.

Instead of saying "oh, that's it", I decided to try and carry the mojo forwards and got the Knight Models Daredevil mini out of the blister and got to work.

Project Decision Time - Help Me Choose What Comes Next

I'm getting towards the end of my current miniature and I'm trying to work out what project to sink my teeth in to next.

Over the last month I've been attending a new gaming club that started up in town, so I want to try and return my focus to painting for gaming rather than painting for painting. The club is only small at the moment, and it's an even split of miniatures and Magic, so what I want to do is get some small warbands/armies built and painted for a few systems to be able to run demo games and get people into things if they aren't already, or to be able to pick up games with others who already run one of these systems.

Q and A with Brett Johnson Part 2

Today we have the second half of the Q and A with Brett Johnson if you missed the first part it can be found Here.

Resin Master Atalanta from JoeK Minis - A (Sort of) Review

Just when my wallet thought it was going to get a break before the big Salute rush (I'm not off to Salute, but a lot of companies have caught on and now do online deals when events are on), JoeK Minis releases some Resin Masters of their third Odyssey miniature - Atalanta. She is supposedly getting a full release for Salute, but I jumped at the chance to get one of the five that Joe made available.

Guild Ball Playing Mat on Indiegogo for 7 Days Only!

Lots of people on various platforms screamed "Take my monies!" when Steamforged Games, the team behind Guild Ball, (which recently began shipping out KS pledges) unveiled a prototype of their gaming mat. This caught their attention, so now there is a 7 day Indiegogo Campaign to fund it.

Citadel Crusade Case Review - AKA "The New Big Games Workshop Case"

Holding up to an estimated 400 figures (of 28-32mm scale, you could probably double or treble that if you go 10-15mm), the Crusade Case is the new big beast from Games Workshop. Is it worth looking at? Well, as I've been looking at a new case to store all my skirmish gaming stuff in (I do realise that skirmish gaming uses a small number of miniatures and this is the biggest case, but I'm a fan of overkill) I decided to pick one up and do a little review on it.

Hi from the newest noob!

Hello everyone! I am RedSkullz the newest noob here at Noobs and their paintbrush. Great to meet fellow miniature enthusiasts! I am looking forward to adding some interesting miniature scenery tutorials to this blog, as well as some of my current projects as they are being completed. So without any delay i present my first article.....

Heracles from JoeK Minis

JoeK Minis recently launched the second model in their Odyssey line - Heracles, who joins the rather large Hephestus. He is resin, and as a special offer for the first 50, you can get him for £10 instead of £12.

Bramblen's Tour of Gotham - Part 7: League of Shadows Crew Finished 7/50

This is a post I am quite proud to be putting together. I have a horrid track record of starting stuff and not finishing it, particularly armies. So, to be able to put in the title that my League of Shadows crew is finished, I'm really quite chuffed.

I got the last figure finished on 31st March, just in time for the end of the Arkham City Limits painting contest.

Nouveau Collectors Edition from Twisted and Guild of Harmony Sale

A couple of weeks back, the Demented Games webstore opened, allowing people to get their hands on the first two miniatures from Twisted - Nouveau and Ollyver.

Because I'm a sucker for things that are both shiny resin and limited edition (the resin runs are for 500 units only, before they go to metal full time) I ordered myself a Nouveau, who turned up earlier this week.

Wayland Games: Massive Easter Sale

         Sunday was the start of Wayland Games Easter Sale with up to 
50% off loads of items across their store.