Midland Model Expo

Midland Expo

I first went to this show last year and this year was the last (not my fault at least I don't think so)

So come and have a look at what was on show. 

Happy Monk the final update.

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This is the last update as it's only finishing touches and time to take pics, and as on sunday I am off to the Birmingham show next week will be the pics of that. 

But at the moment this is how things as looking.

Happy Monk Pt 9.

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This is a project that I know has been dragging on and that might be because this has a massive undertaking for my skills also there has been some mojo issues with it and my fault because I am not a fan of having two or three projects on the go at the same time in my head that's the way things might take years to complete when it could take a few weeks of focus.

But work has been made on the monk and I have been working on the trying to make the light direction add up on all the model and doing the skin.

Group Build.

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Every few months there is a group build at our club which I have to admit I don't normally bother with as I don't build tanks or ships this time however I was handed a kit and told I really should do one. Have to admit I did push it to the back of my mind and was trying to figure out if I wanted to do it, then it dawned on me that a future build I wish to do has decals and I have not done them since I was a kid making red arrows and spitfires with my dad, so this would be good practice on how to do it and if I mess up its ok. 

So this week its a post about me bodging a kit to practice decals.