Paradise Lost - The Fallen Angel from Broken Toad

A relative newcomer to the game, Broken Toad are fast becoming known for their awesome busts. Both their Tooth Fairy and Wicken King are fantasically creepy and have rightly been getting a lot of praise.

They have recently released their new bust Paradise Lost for pre-order, and as you can see, she certainly matches up in the quality stakes.

Unboxing Kabuki's Honey Valentine (NSFW)

I've felt for quite a while that painting flesh tones are one of my painting weaknesses. With that in mind, I picked up a couple of Kabuki's Big Sisters range at the same time as the Bonny Anne bust. The first Big sister is Honey Valentine, and as suggested by the NSFW tag in the title, there is plenty of flesh on show.

Steampunk Cowgirl and Nemesis - Double Ax Faction Unboxing

Today for you we have an unboxing of two of Ax Faction's newest releases - Nemesis and The Steampunk Cowgirl. Both are 32mm scale and made from resin.

The Collection - A Tale of Resin, Metal and "Ooh, Shiny"

I've gained a reputation in some forums for having what some call "an addiction". I just like to think of it as I collect miniatures. I was recently challenged to take pictures of everything I've acquired. To narrow this down, I've gone just for the pictures of things that are either Work In Progress, Built or Still Boxed - Nothing finished at all.

The Wamp Workshop - A Great Experience

Over the August Bank Holiday, I was able to go to the Wamp Workshop, hosted at 4TK Gaming in Colchester. The Workshop was a 2 day event organised as part of my Wamp Paint Brush Kickstarter pledge.

The first day was run by Scott Hockley, AKA Iacton or The Black Hand and was focused on his techniques for working on flesh and faces, while day two was run by John Keys, AKA Megazord Man and looked at his blending from light to dark across areas of a mini.

Brambleten's Tour Of Gotham - Part 9: Another Cop on the Payroll - Knight Models Gotham Police Officer

With the West Coast Gamers Batman tournament getting closer every day, I've been attempting to make a dent in the gang I'd like to take if I attend. With the GCPD Detective finished at the end of July, I got another member of Gotham's finest finished in time for my OMAM (One Miniature A Month) deadline at the end of August.

RoboCop 3.

It's a classic, but it all has to come to an end and here it is.