7 Hours left on the Wamp Select Series Kickstarter

Hi guys, just a quick note to say that the Wamp Select Series Kickstarter ends in just over 7 hours. It's been an exhausting 2 weeks for me and Brett, and safe to say that the fact the total is now over £40,000 is mind blowing, as we worked out our target to be £850 - the cost of getting the minimum number of sets of brushes produced. Now we have Brushes, a mini, lovely art books from Figone and Massive Voodoo, the Black Hand Special set and access to all of the Wamp minis.

So, if you had a look at the beginning of the campaign and decided you didn't fancy brushes, there are plenty of other things there that might tempt you if you take a second look.

It closes at midnight tonight GMT, so get your skates on!

The Artist from Wamp - Available on Kickstarter Now

As part of the Wamp Select Series Paintbrushes Kickstarter, Wamp have added a brand new miniature to the mix for people to pick up - The Artist.

Bonny Anne from Kabuki - (Not Quite) The Full Reveal

A couple of weeks back, we posted that Kabuki has released a teaser of their forthcoming Bonny Anne 1/8 Scale bust. Well, they've now released a full image, which you can find below.

Brambleten's Tour of Gotham - Part 6: The Head of the Demon 6/50

It turns out that helping run a Kickstarter (Wamp Select Series Paintbrushes - If you haven't seen them yet, where have you been?) is rather more work than either me or Brett anticipated so it's been a massively busy week. Because of this, I haven't been able to finish this guy as quickly as I would have liked. However, he is now done and I'm rather happy with him.

Liam Neeson, or as he is known in Gotham - Ra's al Ghul.

Return of the Stunty Henchmen!

A little while back, we said that Annie The Dice Bag Lady and Red Star Coven had released the 3rd pack of Stunty Henchmen. Well, they're back with pack 4!

More Blood for the Blood God! The Khorne Daemonkin are unleashed on 40K

After the love that Khorne got during The End time for Fantasy, Games Workshop have decided that Warhammer 40k should get a share. There aren't actually any new minis this week, but The Skull Throne will have to make do with a new Codex and some Datacards.

Twisted Webstore Launches!

The Twisted webstore launched last night, bringing the first inhabitants of their Steampunk Adventure Game to life. To kick things off there are two lovely Limited Run resin Miniatures, with monthly releases to follow.

Making a Wet Palette

Since I started painting, I've always used a solid surface to mix my paint on - currently it's a white tile that gets cleaned down every couple of weeks. After hearing consistently about them being better, I watched a few tutorials last night in how to build wet palettes. As it turns out they are rather simple, so I built one.

Q and A with David Powell Part 2

Today we have the second half of the Q and A with David Powell if you missed the first part it can be found Here.

Wamp Select Series Kickstarter Is LIVE!

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Wamp have launched a set of 8 Kolinsky Sable brushes for use by miniature painters.  This is now LIVE on Kickstarter :D

I also mentioned that I was part of the production team for the first time. I'll tell you one thing for free - it's exhausting! This post was supposed to be written and out for 8pm, its currently 9.45 and I'm only just getting to it. This is mostly down to the project flying along and being funded within an hour!

Skarr Bloodwrath Joins the Battle for the Glory of Khorne

Only one new mini from GW this week, and it is Skarr Bloodwrath, Daemonic Lord of Khorne (if the name didn't tip you off).

Bonny Anne 1/8 Bust Preview from Kabuki

Kabuki Models have revealed a first preview of the second bust to join their 1/8 scale range - Bonny Anne.

Wamp: Select Range Paintbrushes go live on Kickstarter Tomorrow!

The Select Range of Paintbrushes from The Wamp Store go live on Kickstarter tomorrow evening!

There will be 8 brushes up for grabs along with some brush soap, a brush case and a brush roll. There are also limited tickets to the Wamp Workshop, which is a 2 day painting event/course happening later in the year.

Wayland Games' New Website Sale!

To celebrate getting a new website, Wayland Games are having a quick sale.

First up, until Monday 16th you get triple reward points. Also running until Monday 16th is 20% off Warmahordes and Warlord Games stuff.

Batman Miniatures Game gear is 20% off from Tomorrow (Thursday) to Sunday, and there are X-Wing flash sales all through Friday.

Finally, they have a Free Shipping code for orders over £40 (within some restrictions) - WAYLANDFREESHIPPING

We are now on Twitter!

A little heads up for those interested - we have entered the Twittersphere. Twitterverse. Land of 140 Characters. Whatever you want to call it, we are there, and under the tag of @NoobsPaint.

In fact, you don't even have to go to Twitter to find us - see that fun little box midway down the right hand side? That'll allow you to see our most recent Twitter interactions, follow us and even talk to us! All without leaving the blog - how cool is that?!

That's it, public service announcement over, normal service will resume shortly...

My Work Space

Sice the reviews on the Hobby Zone Modular I am sure people might be interested in how it all looks together so here is a quick before and after of my work space.

It is in what was advertised as a fourth bedroom but is too small for anything so become my Man cave, the decor is the same as when we bought the house.

Wamped V Voting Is Now Open!

Just a quick note to say that the public vote for Wamped V is open now!

All of the entries are available for viewing in the Wamp Gallery.

If you fancy voting, here is how you do it.

Step 1 - Sign up or log in to Wamp. Go to the Wamped V Voting thread helpfully linked above.

Step 2 - Look at the entries and work out which ones you like.

Step 3 - Cast your three votes on 3 different entries that are not entered by yourself (otherwise Brett will hunt you down and subject you to a Justin Bieber album).

Step 4 - Wait until 3pm GMT on Monday 16th March and we see who wins!

Brambleten's Tour of Gotham - Part 5: Assassins! 5/50

Since I completed Deadshot a couple of weeks ago, I haven't really had time to sit down and paint so on Friday night I decided to sit down and get on with some stuff. I managed to do the same on Saturday, and the result has been to get the two henchmen for my ACL Comp League of Shadows gang done - Lotus and Yang.

Crooked Dice Sale!

Crooked Dice are running a quick epic sale! Many items 50% off, a few 25%, including lead and rules. Will last until they clear a few things.

Blacksmith Miniatures

Blacksmith Miniatures has released this limited edition Fantasy Satryas Faun.

Can be found Here

Warhammer The End Times: Archaon

After a little initial trouble with items not appearing, Games Workshop have released the fifth book of The End Times - Archaon. Also released this week is the Khorne Wrathmongers/Skullreapers box set.

Stunty Henchmen from The Dice Bag Lady and Red Star Coven

Annie The Dice Bag Lady has put up Red Star Coven's third set of "Stunty Henchmen" on her website for general release. These little critters could easily be mistaken for popular yellow characters from a couple of animated films who have earned themselves a spin off film to be released later in the year.

Kromlech.eu Giveaway!

Kromlech are holding a giveaway over on their Facebook page

Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher 500k Views Giveaway!

To celebrate getting close to the remarkable landmark of 500,000 views on his blog, Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher, Ian "Hendybadger" Henderson is giving people the chance to win one of 5 Knight Models miniatures.



Reinforcements are here and the fascist invaders will be pushed from our glorious Soviet soil!
Now available in the Warlord webstore – the plastic T34/76 Medium Tank Platoon – containing three plastic T34/76 kits – each of which has three different turret options – AND an Soviet Infantry sprue included to create Tank Riders!

Q and A with David Powell

Today we are very Happy to be able to bring you the first in what we all hope will be a long line of Q and A's with painters who we all wish we could paint like.

David Powell