The Broken Toad Bust Set - Skin Deep, Paradise Lost and The Wicken King - An Unboxing.

It's a familiar story with me. Company releases shiny things, I try and resist until another shiny thing is released and in the end I break down and buy more shiny things than I intended - the Broken Toad Bust Bundle. 

In this case, I started out just wanting Paradise Lost, but held off. Then it was mentioned to me that I'd really like the next release they had coming out - Skin Deep - and indeed I did like Skin Deep. I went looking at the Broken Toad webstore and decided that while £75 for the two busts I really wanted as alright, £90 for 3 busts sounded a lot better, so I went for the bundle including The Wicken King as well. 

Saint Peter by Purgatory

As I may have mentioned in passing (or not stopped talking about, depending on how many groups you're stuck in with me), I won the Single Figure category of Purgatory's painting competition for their first miniature, Death.

My prize for winning was a copy of their next figure, St Peter, who arrived earlier this week.

The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth - An Unboxing

As some of you may know, last weekend Games Workshop released a little box called Betrayal at Calth. A small percentage of people, got excited as it was a new board game from Games Workshop. Most of everyone else got excited because it's the first time we've traveled 10k years into the future-past that is Warhammer 30k in plastic.

Brambleten Paints... ArcWorlde's Father Griffmas - Part 1

Welcome to the first article in my "Brambleten Paints..." Series. The aim of this series, much like Shamikebab's "On The Desk" is to go through the entire process of painting a miniature, broken down into stages. I usually stick to just showing finished content on the blog, but I also want to offer up more paint related content to you guys instead of most of my articles being unboxings of one sort or another (my wallet is relieved to hear this).

So, what better place to start than with a miniature I picked out to paint for the 'Eavier Metal Christmas Painting Comp. The restriction put in place on choosing what to paint was that it must be somewhat related to Christmas, Winter or New Year.

My first thought was to choose The Perfect Present from Kabuki, but I'm also painting a mini for the Another World contest which finishes at the end of November, so didn't want to dive into a scale I hadn't painted before while trying to paint other things as well.

That left my only other Christmas related piece - ArcWorlde's Father Griffmas, from Warploque Miniatures.

Unboxing Luz - New York from Nocturna Models

I had intended to have a post involving some paint up today, but pulling a muscle in my lower back in midweek has meant that I haven't been able to actually put any paint on a model to talk about!

Instead, I've decided to unbox Luz - New York from Nocturna Models for you. She's a 70mm scale model and cast in resin.