Behold! The Chests of Conan!

"The adventurer stealthily worked his way into the house through the slightly opened window. Creaping through the deserted mansion, he worked his way through the winding corridors and into the office of the proprietor. There, as promised by his informant, were several sturdy wooden chests, freshly returned from what appeared a lucrative venture at sea. 

As he set about opening one with his picks, he wondered what treasures would be inside..." 

More Orruks!

I've been a bit off my painting in the last couple of weeks but let's check out some more Orruks!

Thornley & Ratch pt 1

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My Next Project will be the Miniature by FeR miniature called Thornley & Ratch.

Basius 3 - Texturis Kickstarter Unboxing

Wargames Bakery recently ran a 4th Basius Kickstarter for their brand new mini Basius pads, the Texturis range. I'd previously picked up a couple of larger double sided Version 2 pads so I thought I'd give some of these little ones a go.

Scale Model World 2016

IPMS Scale ModelWorld Logo

Last weekend I attended Scale Model World in Telford and it was a great weekend.

Can you Hear me now mother Show Case.

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With the Telford show in only two days I have been rushing around trying to make sure everything is sorted, so please accept my apologies for the pictures I did not have the time to play around with it too much but I will at some point update them.

Orruk Colour Test : Part 2

Last week you guys gave me some great suggestions to improve the contrast of my test Orruk, let's see how it went...

By Crom! A Conan King Pledge Unboxing

This week, a year after the expected shipping window, Monolith delivered their Conan board game Kickstarter. I'm not really a board game person - the only other one that I have backed and received so far is Loka, River Horse's 4 way elemental chess game - so the sheer scale of the content is a little overwhelming. Still, that won't stop me taking pictures of everything!

King pledge - Main box, Stretch Goal box with little add-on boxes to the left.

Can you Hear me now Mother! Pt 1

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Some people out there may or may not know about a TV series called Sharpe if not please have a look based off the books by Bernard Cornwell and also the books are very good as well. Ok, you might be wondering why I am talking about TV and books when I am a "miniature painter" well, that's all because one if you know the series/book and if you know Elan13 Miniatures you will know they have a miniature called Can you hear me now mother that is based loosely from Sharpe.

And this will Tie in with my final miniature in the three miniature series by Elan13 miniatures

Wyrd Malifax Rafkin - A work in progress

Some of you may have seen my post on the facebook page earlier this week, of the contents of this month's Model Box Subscription. The theme for this month is 'Horrifying.' One of the models I received was the Rafkin model from Malifaux. This is also my first ever Malifaux model, so I was keen to write a little review of the model, and show you how I prepared the piece.

Odyssey Kickstarter Unboxing from JoeK - Argonauts and more!

It's unboxing time once again! Earlier in the week I had a nice box full of resin turn up from JoeK Minis' Odyssey Argonauts Kickstarter -

Before stepping through the drop, this one is fairly picture heavy. You've been warned!

Face Practice!

 Some of the feedback I had on my GD entries was that the faces needed more work, White Dwarf recently ran an article on this so I decided to try their tutorial out..

The Old Wizzard Show Case.

So for the last two weeks I have been working The old wizard and now its time to see how it all turned out. 

Q&A With Gary Devereaux Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our Q&A session with Purgatory's Gary Devereaux! If you missed Part 1, you can find it here.

Greenstuff Textured Bases - Part 2

Last week I showed you six of the textured rollers from Green Stuff World. This week I painted them up.

Wild Elf Mascot - ArcWorlde Showcase

Short and sweet this week folks!

This week I've painted up the Wild Elf Mascot from Warploque Miniatures, from their first ArcWorlde Kickstarter back in 2013.

The Mascots - adorable right?

Blood Angels: Step by Step

This week I take you through some of the stages I went through to producing my unit entry at Golden Demon 2016..

The Old Wizard Pt 2

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Following from last week where I worked on the head, it's time to make the ordinary, extraordinary!

Greenstuff Textured Bases - Part 1

I've been looking through my collection of Warhammer models. Everything, apart from those kits I've bought this year, is on square bases. I recently got back into Mordheim, and the rest of the group have converted to round bases. I bought the Greenstuff World textured rolling pins almost 18 months ago, and haven't really given them much use. All that is about to change, as I show you how awesome these rolling pins really are.

Building the Deathwatch Corvus Blackstar - Which Options?

As I prepare for the arrival of my Conan Kickstarter pledge, I've started to clear out a little cupboard space for the boxes, which are pretty hefty and apparently weigh around 7KG between the two boxes. So, the first box out was the box on top - the recent Corvus Blackstar flier from Games Workshop.

The Old Wizard Pt 1

Image result for old wizard

Continuing on from The Young one I am painting another miniature by Elan13 miniatures called the old wizard.

Q&A With Gary Devereaux Part 1

It's Q&A time again here at Noobs and their Paintbrush and this month we've managed to drag Purgatory's Gary Devereaux away from his Kickstarter prep to answer some questions!

Blood Angels Special Edition 2016 Marine

Carrying on the Blood Angels theme, I finally got round to painting the 2016 Imperial Space Marine. It's been sat on my shelf, undercoated in red for ages. After a brisk dust off I set to work. This isn't any sort of challenge, that is reserved for the next Blood Angel model I paint.

Quick "Small" Greenskin Recipe - ArcWorlde Boglin

Last week I put together a little tutorial on creating easy dirt bases. This week I'll be focusing on the critter to go on the base, an ArcWorlde Boglin, and how I painted up his skin tone.

Phoenix Guard Part 5: On the brink..

Well my plan here was to finish this guy in time for Golden Demon, this weekend, let's see how much is left to do!

Blood Angels Contemptor Dreadnought

My favourite Space Marine Chapter of all time, the Blood Angels, have been under the brush once again this week. I am working on a Horus Heresy army at present for a large battle in October. While waiting for the shoulder pads and weapons from Forge World, I decided to paint the Contemptor Dreadnought from Betrayal at Calth to pass the time.

Quick and Easy Dirt Bases

I'm a big fan of the Basius green stuff push molds for basing things, but sometimes you just want a dirt base. Of course you can use sand and gravel stuck in glue for this, but I've gone for something that is possibly even quicker - a sandy paste. This particular one is the Rough Acrylic Paste from Scale 75 but there are loads of different ones from various suppliers.

Phoenix Guard Part 4: Elf skirts!

This week I carry on working on the elf, slowly working my way through his skirts and onto his fancy pants armour!

Q and A with The Noobs!

What?! A Q&A in an odd month? What's going on here? 

Well, we decided that it might be fun to set some questions to the current Noobs writing for the blog to get a feel for the differences in how we might approach things in comparison to each other.

Optimum Prime - A study on priming your models

Priming your model is probably the most important part of painting. When I started over 28 years ago there was no such thing as spray primer, and everything was done with a brush. Nowadays, there are a variety of different manufacturers offering spray primers. This blog is a study of spray primers, and how best to use them.

Five Hour Painting Challenge - Bobby B

During my ongoing hiatus from blogging, I decided to take up Necropocalypse's Five Hour Challenge. I wasn't entirely sure what model to go with to do it but after some nudging, I went for Purgatory's Bobby B, their event only model.

Sutton Coldfield model show

On Sunday I was at the Sutton Coldfield Model show and thought I would share with you all some of the models on display.

Paint your Board Games - WWE Superstar Showdown

"And he kicks him in the stomach, then grabs him by the throat. He raises him high in the air, aaaand... CHOKESLAM! Big Show is the winner!"

I'm not ashamed to say it, but I like wrestling. This game was going cheap at my local game shop (by cheap, he sold it to me for cost just to get rid of it.) I was originally going to do an unboxing to appease my mick-taking friends. However they gave me a better idea, and that was to paint the models instead. So here goes - Hit my entrance music!