Being pulled this way and that!

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Ever had the feeling you even though you are doing lots nothing seems to be getting done.

Enough is Enough!!!

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Have you ever looked at something online and gone, I love that why don't mine look like that.

I did and thought I would do something about it.

Midland Model Expo

Midland Expo

I first went to this show last year and this year was the last (not my fault at least I don't think so)

So come and have a look at what was on show. 

Happy Monk the final update.

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This is the last update as it's only finishing touches and time to take pics, and as on sunday I am off to the Birmingham show next week will be the pics of that. 

But at the moment this is how things as looking.

Happy Monk Pt 9.

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This is a project that I know has been dragging on and that might be because this has a massive undertaking for my skills also there has been some mojo issues with it and my fault because I am not a fan of having two or three projects on the go at the same time in my head that's the way things might take years to complete when it could take a few weeks of focus.

But work has been made on the monk and I have been working on the trying to make the light direction add up on all the model and doing the skin.

Group Build.

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Every few months there is a group build at our club which I have to admit I don't normally bother with as I don't build tanks or ships this time however I was handed a kit and told I really should do one. Have to admit I did push it to the back of my mind and was trying to figure out if I wanted to do it, then it dawned on me that a future build I wish to do has decals and I have not done them since I was a kid making red arrows and spitfires with my dad, so this would be good practice on how to do it and if I mess up its ok. 

So this week its a post about me bodging a kit to practice decals.

Happy Monk Pt 8.

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I have to admit the last week has been very busy and time for painting or posting has been hard, but I am fighting back and getting back to the brush and progress is happening.

Travel upgrade time.

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Have to admit this has nothing to do with getting upgraded to first or anything about how I or you decide the best way, just that I felt I needed to upgrade how I transport my painting things around and at the same time increase the amount I am able to take.

Happy Monk Pt 7.

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The waves are being filled at the moment and with a drying time of 24hrs per layer things on that end are slow and really not that interesting, but there is more to this than some waves.

Happy Monk Pt 5.

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This guy is Happy but I think I may have taken things too far with this one!!

Happy Monk Pt 3.

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Like with most things the show must go on even if it is going slower than it should.

Happy Monk P2

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This project is taking longer, but I feel that it will be worth it.

Happy Monk Pt 1

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I know that there has been a slump in my painting due to illness and family visit, but I am back with a brush in hand and this project I can tell you now has had a lot of brick walls and head hitting moments.

Ipms Cosford Show 2017.

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As you might be able to see from this map of the royal air force museum shows just how big it is, now add that with a model show and you get something that is cool with something that is great for making an amazing day. (But a lot of walking) 

Farewell Good Readers!

As might be apparent from the title, I, Brambleten, will be finishing writing for Noobs and their Paintbrush once this final article is written. The blog itself isn't going anywhere - that's the beauty of a group blog - cut off one head and two more will rise. Nope, that's Hydra, but its the right message (the more popping up part, not the lopping off of heads).

I have no doubt that there will be someone out there for whom the blog would be an ideal platform for to allow them to create content for an already developed and growing audience. If you think that you are that person, fire Merkeysa a message at

Stoke on Trent Model Show and Figureworld 2017


Sunday just gone I was over in Stoke for the Stoke on Trent Model Show and Figureworld 2017.

Unboxing Purgatory's Moloch

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so here's a little something for your Monday evening - unboxing Moloch from Purgatory.

WW2 US BAR Gunner Pt 1.

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Following on from my British officer, I thought It was time to move from the first world war to the second and you never know in a few years I might be painting a model from the thrid (trump!).

Also with this one I am trying to do more in the basing area.

ArcWorlde Ogre Trooper - Showcase

Last week I shared my Deathwatch Blackstar, something that to me was more of a battle of attrition than actual fun. To counter this, I built and painted one of the models I picked up at Vapnartak a couple of weeks ago - the Albionnican Ogre Trooper from Warploque Miniatures.

Huddersfield Scale Model Show.

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The weekend just gone I was at the Huddersfield Show and here are some of the things that was there.

ChillCon 2017 - Hosted by Chilling Wargamers and Asylum Wargames, Sheffield UK

We like a good show here at Noobs and their Paintbrush, be it one that has been going for yonks or a brand new event. In this case, we have a brand new one for you!

Deathwatch Blackstar - Showcase and a dislike of painting vehicles

I detest painting vehicles. I don't paint them often, which may be part of the problem, but there is something about their demand for smoothly painted plates and crisp edges, not to mention the large areas of metal work requiring attention that just doesn't click with me. When I built my Deathwatch Blackstars last year I thought that as they looked cool and were fairly simple builds that I might enjoy painting them. I was wrong.

A Blackstar, barely contained by my photo box.

Bolton Show 2017.

I was there if you were as well then you know how good it was if not don't worry I took pictures.

And here they are.

Icarus Miniatures Alliance Starter Set Unboxing

I wasn't expecting to be posting another Kickstarter unboxing so quickly after the last one, but I got a nice little box from Icarus Miniatures on Monday, containing their Alliance Starter Set. After having a quick peek at the figures, it would be rude of me not to show them off to people!