The Five Hour Painting Challenge - Scibor Dwarf

This week, may I introduce to you a new monthly feature: The Five Hour Painting Challenge!

The idea is to paint one model within a 5 hour time limit. I got the idea shortly after painting the Feral Nexus this past week (which took around 4 hours to complete). I recently subscribed to the Model Box mail order service, and was pleasantly surprised by the random selection of models I received. The Model Box I received in July had the Feral Nexus, and the Scibor Miniatures Dwarf Wild Warrior you are about to see.

ArcWorlde Unithorn from Warploque Miniatures

Last week saw me playing with my new airbrush and starting out practicing on the Unithorn from Warploque Miniatures. The practice didn't go quite to plan, so instead it became a session of playing with inks and sponge. I continued working on it this week and it's finished!

Desperation! WIP: Part 2

A bit more progress this week, we start on the cast of characters which are going to go the base..

ArcWorlde Njorsvald Preview Set - A Closer Look

As you should have heard by now, Warploque Miniatures are heading back to Kickstarter at the end of September to fund the production of their new ArcWorlde Expansion - Troubles in the North. They've taken an interesting step in releasing a small number of models that will appear in the campaign in lovely Warploque Resin. In today's A Closer Look, we'll be taking a peek at the Njorsvald Preview Set.

Feral Nexus, by Icarus Miniatures

This week, instead of churning out even more WIP shots of ongoing projects, I decided to paint a random model I received in my subscription to Model Box. For those of you that don't know what Model Box is - its a monthly subscription, whereby you receive a bunch of models, paints and accessories for the hobby. I took a punt on the one in July and got the model I have painted today.

Learning to Airbrush - First Steps

Last week I got an airbrush for my birthday - more particularly a Harder & Steenbeck Evolution so this week I've been teaching myself how to use it.

Desperation! WIP: Part 1

I'm starting a new project today and some good progress already, let's check it out..

Che Guevara P1.

Image result for che guevara

This year at the Talford show my Club's theme is Iconic and one of the models I decided to do for it is Che Guevara.

Tilly Tumbleworth from Statuesque Miniatures - A Closer Look

After last week's foray into playing cards we're back with miniatures for today's Closer Look. More specifically, we're looking at Tilly Tumbleworth from Statuesque Miniatures.

Book of Nox - Unboxing and Product Review

I attended the UK Games Expo on Saturday 4th June, where upon I stumbled across a small independent stand. I was drawn to the 3D Dungeon Tiles and from there proceeded to have a chat with the games creator, before making a purchase. There were two version on offer - standard and deluxe. The deluxe version is the one I will review today. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to play this game yet, but I am going to rectify that in the not too distant future.

This is my first crack at an Unboxing (or should I say Un-Nox-ing) review. I wanted to add variety to my Sunday slot. Also, you'd better sit down to read this, it's rather long...

The Box of Shame

All hobbyists have one. No, not the place you hide stuff you don't want found by parents/children/significant other. That place that you put the WIP projects that you aren't quite feeling, things that you try something new on and it doesn't quite work out how you intended so don't go any further and those projects you put aside when "ooh shiny" syndrome strikes and a new toy appears on the table.

The box/drawer/cupboard of shame. And I'm opening up mine for show and ridicule.

My box of shame doesn't actually have a dog in it.

Midland Model Expo.

Midland Expo

Sunday just gone I was at the Midland Model Expo with my dad, which is Birmingham IPMS's show and here is some of the models on display which I would like to share with you all.

ArcWorlde Tarot Deck - A Closer Look

A slightly different Closer Look today - not minitures but the lovely new ArcWorlde Tarot Deck from Warploque Miniatures.

Q and A with Ernesto

Image result for Q and A

We are very pleased to be able to bring you a Q and A with Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth.

It's all just Work, Work, Work (in Progress)

I currently have three projects on the go, and I'd like to share some of my progress. I have taken a back seat to the Stage by Stage Guides this week and concentrated on blocking in base colours on a selection of models. All of the Stage-by-Stage guides I have published so far have been used in some capacity on the ongoing projects I have at present.

Kharis, Vampire Queen Bust from Kabuki Studio - An Unboxing

Today's post sees me unboxing Kharis, the Vampire Queen from Kabuki Studio. She's a 1/8th Scale bust made of resin and comes including a plinth.

WIP Warrior Priest: Part 4

A bit more work on the base this week, starting to add the light effects which was my main aim for this piece..

New type of paintbrush holder.

Image result for paintbrushes

As some of you all know I am a huge fan of the tools of miniature painting and have almost all of it whether I know how to use it not. I have been very lucky to be able to be around wile a new paintbrush holder was being created, from the first prototype to as fair as I know the finished thing By John Harrison and I am going to share with you all this new Item and all the incarnations that it has been through.

Stage-by-Stage Guide to... Painting Skulls.

This week's Stage-by-Stage is my guide to painting skulls.  I like to make my skulls and bones look old and tired, but still retaining a stark highlight.  I haven't gone with Screaming Skull/Ushabti Bone for this, but instead I have used Rakarth Flesh as my base colour, and worked it up to white.

This guide is pretty straightforward, and only uses a small palette of colours, which are shown below.

Diane Tianseen Part 1 - Cold Black

Welcome to Part 1 of painting Diane Tianseen from Scale 75. There are actually two variants of Diane at the moment - the large, 75mm version and the Fallen Frontiers 35mm version, which has recently been put up for pre-order on the Scale 75 website. While I have both, I'll be looking at painting the small, resin model opposed to the large metal one :)

Looking for an alternative.

Image result for alternative

We live in a world where if you have a hobby and need something people will make something for the hobby and charge a fortune when you can normally find the same or an alternative for a lot less.  

Dimension Hop Tesla (54mm) from Infamy Miniatures - A Closer Look

Following on from last week's up scaled A Closer Look at Tundra from Wonderlands Project, it's time to look at the recent release from Infamy Miniatures - a 54mm version of Dimension Hop Tesla.

Stage-by-Stage Guide to... Painting Red Armour

This week, I will be looking at a quick and effective way of painting red, from a red primer. Again, this guide will give you an insight into painting a unit of models in a short space of time, but to a good tabletop standard.

As an added bonus, I'll try to explain my theory behind edge highlighting. Below are the colours I'll be using for this guide. All Games Workshop paints this week!

Unboxing the Mk3 Retribution of Scyrah Battlegroup

The new edition of Warmachine has been around for a little while now so I thought it was about time I unboxed the new Retribution of Scyrah Battlegroup set. All of the new Warmachine & Hordes sets are fully plastic, with each set's plastic colour coded by faction. As you might guess, the models in the Retribution set are an off-white colour.

Tundra from Wonderlands Project (Mauser Earth) - A Closer Look

So far on A Closer Look, I've been looking at miniatures in the 28-35mm scale. Now though, it's time to move up to 54mm with Tundra, part of the Mauser Earth range currently available through Wonderlands Project.

Painting Leather Stage-by-stage

I've been watching a lot (and I mean a LOT) of Joy of Painting with Bob Ross recently, while painting my Khorne. Those of you that have watched this program will be very familiar with the intro format. With this in mind, I'm going to run the colours along the bottom of the screen so you can paint along.

Cobblestone City Kraken Mat - Unboxing the Kraken Wargames Kickstarter

Last week I showed off the terrain I'd built but had to show it off on my Guild Ball mat as I was waiting for my mat from Kraken Wargames' Kickstarter. Well I'm not waiting any more - it arrived this week!

The Ant Queen from Ax Faction - A Closer Look

We've got a very special Closer Look today, and it's one I'm rather excited about - the new Ant Queen miniature from Ax Faction. Ax Faction as a store closed it's doors last year, but Paul is still keeping things ticking over on the back burner as a hobby, which leads us to this little beauty.

Painting Human Flesh - Stage-by-Stage

Stage-by-Stage Guide to painting Human Flesh.

This week I wanted to post some stage-by-stage guides for painting flesh.  The tone I wanted to go for is towards the pink-hue, and uses the Army Painter equivalent of old Games Workshop Dwarf Flesh and Elf Flesh.

Example of the Age of Sigmar Slaughterpriest

Building a Better City - Terrain Time!

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Phoenix Lakeland Wargames Exhibition, which was the first wargames show in Cumbria. Along with a wander around, I took a load of photos, which can be found (hopefully) here on our Facebook page.

One thing that stood out for me was the quality of the boards on display for both the display games and the tournament boards for Batman. Pretty much as soon as I got home from the show, I started building some of my pile of MDF that I've acquired over the last few months. In just under a week, I've gone from nothing, to this.

WIP Warrior Priest: Part 2

A bit more progress on the priest this week, including the first look at a base for him...

Jack The Ripper from West Wind Productions - A Closer Look

We're going back through time for this week's A Closer Look, coming face to face with Jack The Ripper, from Empire Of The Dead by West Wind Productions.

Age of Sigmar Khorne Army - Part 1.5

The rule of 5. 

Unfortunately this week, my time has been limited due to working longer hours. So I wanted to look at batch painting larger units. 

The Blood Reavers, as last week's WIP Part 1.

Playing with Purple - Hannibal Part 1

With my Batman gang finished, it's now time to turn my focus back to Purgatory, and that means Hannibal.

As I've already painted one Purgatory piece so far in a white suit - Saint Peter - I decided I needed a different colour for Hannibal, but one that was similarly outgoing. It didn't take me long to settle on purple.