ArcWorlde Ogre Trooper - Showcase

Last week I shared my Deathwatch Blackstar, something that to me was more of a battle of attrition than actual fun. To counter this, I built and painted one of the models I picked up at Vapnartak a couple of weeks ago - the Albionnican Ogre Trooper from Warploque Miniatures.

Huddersfield Scale Model Show.

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The weekend just gone I was at the Huddersfield Show and here are some of the things that was there.

ChillCon 2017 - Hosted by Chilling Wargamers and Asylum Wargames, Sheffield UK

We like a good show here at Noobs and their Paintbrush, be it one that has been going for yonks or a brand new event. In this case, we have a brand new one for you!

Deathwatch Blackstar - Showcase and a dislike of painting vehicles

I detest painting vehicles. I don't paint them often, which may be part of the problem, but there is something about their demand for smoothly painted plates and crisp edges, not to mention the large areas of metal work requiring attention that just doesn't click with me. When I built my Deathwatch Blackstars last year I thought that as they looked cool and were fairly simple builds that I might enjoy painting them. I was wrong.

A Blackstar, barely contained by my photo box.

Bolton Show 2017.

I was there if you were as well then you know how good it was if not don't worry I took pictures.

And here they are.

Icarus Miniatures Alliance Starter Set Unboxing

I wasn't expecting to be posting another Kickstarter unboxing so quickly after the last one, but I got a nice little box from Icarus Miniatures on Monday, containing their Alliance Starter Set. After having a quick peek at the figures, it would be rude of me not to show them off to people!

Rathcore V3 Miniature Holders Kickstarter Unboxing

I spent a large chunk of my work day yesterday wondering what subject to write today's blog on. I didn't fancy a lengthy wordy blog after last week article (which clocked in at over 2600 words when stuck into Word) and I don't have any WIPs worth going through yet. Thankfully a package was waiting for me at home that solved my connundrum -  my Rathcore Miniature Holders had arrived from Germany.

WW1 Tank officer Pt 2

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Last week I was working on the Officer this week Its all about the base.

Hobby 101 - What Do I Need To Start Painting?

 Last weekend I got asked "How do you get started with painting as a hobby?" My initial response was "How long do you have?" In all honesty it's not something I've ever been asked directly before - almost everyone I've spoken to about the hobby has either been in the hobby, and thus already started, or are outside the hobby and have opinions ranging from "that's cool" to "how the hell do you paint the eyes on those, they're tiny!"

With that in mind, I'm now going to try and answer the question.

WW1 Tank officer Pt 1.

Some people may know but for those who don't its the 100th anniversary of the First World War ending next year and I have a few First World War ideas that I would like to do this one being the first which is a smaller test for something. anyway, lets jump right into it.

90 Minute Challenge - Imperial Guardsman and Prisoner 01

Well, this is an unexpectedly productive start to the year! I took up the 90 Minute Challenge on Monday to paint up Prisoner 01 from the Batman Miniature Game. Not being happy with the final result, I had another crack at the challenge on Tuesday, finishing my first proper Imperial Guardsman in my new army scheme.

Egg Cup Challenge Pt 2

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I have to apologize to everyone for not posting this sooner, but with the holidays I found it hard to get time with my computer. And before I show you how things worked out I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and I hope Santa left a few paints under the tree.

But getting back to how I left things off last year.

2016: Hobby Year Review and A Look Forward

It's the last day of the year, so what better time to have a look back and see what worked, what didn't and where my painting mojo went!

I recently got a lightbox so included here are a few of my minis from this year!

Trollblood Battlegroup Unboxed!

As I said last week I have a new Warmachine/Hordes project and I'm kicking off by unboxing the new Trollblood battlegroup!

Tabletop Cygnar

This week I've been trying to finish off the last few unpainted models I had in my Cygnar army..

Q&A With Joe Karame Part 2

Welcome to Part Two of our Q&A with the lovely Joe Karame. If you missed Part One (shame on you!) you can find it here. Now, lets get cracking with the questions!

The Egg Cup Challenge 2016!

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Last year for the Eggcup Challenge I made the Minion in a hot tub. This year we have a new item to build an idea around and that was a shot glass. 

Dusk Raiders Space Marine Chaplain

It's taken me over a year to get him from built and a base made to getting him varnished but finally my Dusk Raiders Chaplain from the Betrayal at Calth box set is finished.

Q&A With Joe Karame AKA JoeK Minis Part 1

With Christmas fast approaching, we thought we'd bring you the present of another Q&A session, this time with a man whose talent is only outmatched by how nice he is - Mr Joe Karame of JoeK Minis!

Behold! The Chests of Conan!

"The adventurer stealthily worked his way into the house through the slightly opened window. Creaping through the deserted mansion, he worked his way through the winding corridors and into the office of the proprietor. There, as promised by his informant, were several sturdy wooden chests, freshly returned from what appeared a lucrative venture at sea. 

As he set about opening one with his picks, he wondered what treasures would be inside..." 

More Orruks!

I've been a bit off my painting in the last couple of weeks but let's check out some more Orruks!

Thornley & Ratch pt 1

Image result for pirates

My Next Project will be the Miniature by FeR miniature called Thornley & Ratch.

Basius 3 - Texturis Kickstarter Unboxing

Wargames Bakery recently ran a 4th Basius Kickstarter for their brand new mini Basius pads, the Texturis range. I'd previously picked up a couple of larger double sided Version 2 pads so I thought I'd give some of these little ones a go.

Scale Model World 2016

IPMS Scale ModelWorld Logo

Last weekend I attended Scale Model World in Telford and it was a great weekend.

Can you Hear me now mother Show Case.

Image result for showcase

With the Telford show in only two days I have been rushing around trying to make sure everything is sorted, so please accept my apologies for the pictures I did not have the time to play around with it too much but I will at some point update them.

Orruk Colour Test : Part 2

Last week you guys gave me some great suggestions to improve the contrast of my test Orruk, let's see how it went...

By Crom! A Conan King Pledge Unboxing

This week, a year after the expected shipping window, Monolith delivered their Conan board game Kickstarter. I'm not really a board game person - the only other one that I have backed and received so far is Loka, River Horse's 4 way elemental chess game - so the sheer scale of the content is a little overwhelming. Still, that won't stop me taking pictures of everything!

King pledge - Main box, Stretch Goal box with little add-on boxes to the left.

Can you Hear me now Mother! Pt 1

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Some people out there may or may not know about a TV series called Sharpe if not please have a look based off the books by Bernard Cornwell and also the books are very good as well. Ok, you might be wondering why I am talking about TV and books when I am a "miniature painter" well, that's all because one if you know the series/book and if you know Elan13 Miniatures you will know they have a miniature called Can you hear me now mother that is based loosely from Sharpe.

And this will Tie in with my final miniature in the three miniature series by Elan13 miniatures

Wyrd Malifax Rafkin - A work in progress

Some of you may have seen my post on the facebook page earlier this week, of the contents of this month's Model Box Subscription. The theme for this month is 'Horrifying.' One of the models I received was the Rafkin model from Malifaux. This is also my first ever Malifaux model, so I was keen to write a little review of the model, and show you how I prepared the piece.

Odyssey Kickstarter Unboxing from JoeK - Argonauts and more!

It's unboxing time once again! Earlier in the week I had a nice box full of resin turn up from JoeK Minis' Odyssey Argonauts Kickstarter -

Before stepping through the drop, this one is fairly picture heavy. You've been warned!

Face Practice!

 Some of the feedback I had on my GD entries was that the faces needed more work, White Dwarf recently ran an article on this so I decided to try their tutorial out..

The Old Wizzard Show Case.

So for the last two weeks I have been working The old wizard and now its time to see how it all turned out.