Arnold Schwarzenegger Pt 2.

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I do understand this is not an official part two, because of the fact I did not really do a part one, but because I enjoy the work on was doing on it from the post Enough is Enough I thought I would finish it official even though it is an off cast and I did not sort out mold line and that's because I did not plan to finish I wanted to use it as a play model so to speak, but anyway here we go to finsih it.

GhostBusters Echo 1A Showcase.

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Have to apoligise for the poor picture I do not have a set up at this time to take pics of lager models.
Also would like to do a big thanks to Dave watts who done the base for the model. anyway enjoy.

Commission build mustang mach 1

On Wirral ipms group page it was offered for someone to build this car for a lady whose husband had passed away but had to be built within 9 days,pics show various points of build this is 4 days in.