A Black Heart for a Good Cause - Blackheart from Guild Ball

I've mentioned it a couple of times but for the past 6 weeks or so, I've been painting up the limited edition Blackheart from Guild Ball for the Tales of a Tabletop Skirmisher fundraiser - Little Heroes for Little Heroes.

It's taken a while, but the Captain of The Union is finally done.

Unwrapping Kabuki's The Perfect Present

With Christmas approaching at a rapid rate (for anyone not aware, that's 8 days after The Force Awakens arrives in UK cinemas) so I thought it was about time I unboxed Kabuki's The Perfect Present.

Cataloging the Collection

This time last month, I detailed my collection of miniatures, which has since been added to. I know most of what I've got in my collection but I thought it would be useful to have a system to identify my painting progress with them.

With that in mind, I've started building a spreadsheet.

Unboxing JoeK's Jason

I'm a big fan of JoeK's Odyssey line (well, actually I'm a fan of most things Brindie) so I jumped at the chance to pick up a Master Cast of the next mini up for release - Jason - when they were offered up at the end of August.

The awesome looking Odyssey range.

Unboxing the Another World Indiegogo Miniatures

I mentioned in my post about the Another World painting contest that I'd picked up miniatures from their Indiegogo campaign, so here they are!

Pipettes - Pennies for Painting Precision

Most of the time, I'm a person that gets given advice, tries it out then I'll go back to my old ways. Occasionally, a really good bit will stick with me and it's one of those things that I'll share now.

When mixing your paint, how do you get it to the right consistency for the task at hand? How do you know exactly what the right mixture is? For a long time, for me the answers to those two questions were "mix in water with a brush" and "not a clue, I'll tell you when I see it".

Over the last few sessions, I've been giving something new a go. Well not new, but new to me. I've been using a pipette :)

Another World Painting Contest

Another World recently announced that they are holding a painting competition, which closes on 30th November. All of the details can be found in this handy poster...

Tweaking the Tabs

As you may have noticed over the last few days, we've been having a play with the tabs at the top of the blog. 

When we started up, we thought we had things set out as we wanted them but now we're coming close to 200 articles, it was getting a little tricky to find the right piece occasionally if we didn't have the right labels on them.

With that in mind, we've added a tab for Unboxings and Reviews, along with a tab for our Finished Miniatures

We've got another couple of ideas in the works but nothing else is going to be added immediately.

- Bram

Brambleten's Hasslefree Binge

 Since the Wamp Workshop and enjoying painting Boudi, I've been thinking about making a Hasslefree order to pick up a few more minis to have a practice with. So, when the newsletter came around saying that there was going to be goody bags on offer, I binged.

Below are photos of every model in that binge. 

Death by Purgatory - Single Figure Category Winner

As some of you may know, the guys at Purgatory ran a competition to celebrate the release of their first miniature, Death. After picking up one initially then being given one at the Wamp Workshop, I thought it would be a bit silly not to enter. I managed to get her in a couple of days before the deadline (30th September) for my second comp entry of the year (after the Arkham City Limits contest in March) and I found out yesterday that she won her category!

Scale 75 October Releases

Scale 75 have announced their new releases for October and they consist of two Smog Raiders, two lovely 35mm ladies and a 75mm Knight, all of which can now be ordered from the Scale 75 website.