Huddersfield 2018 Model Show.

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I understand I am running behind on my show Posts but I plan to catch up with them the next two weeks.

This year there was some issue at the show with traders unable to make it because of another show becoming a two day event, meaning there were a few empty spaces at the show which was a shame but did not put a damper on a grate day!

So to kick it off we have Groot.

Heavy cannon tank (Sorry not sure on the name)


 Russian Battleship

Fighter Jet.

British Napoleonic.

British Napoleonic fighting the french.

The French having a rest before.......

A Work in progress.

Germans ww2 snow scene.

A tank/cannon train.

American ww2 plans from an aircraft carrier 

 Think it is a spitfire.

A very big very nice boat.

 Love and marriage gos together like a.

WW2 battle scene.

Boat on a choppy sea. 

Viking on the prowl for his next victim.

Warhammer 40k bust.

This is what happened to the last person who touched a model.

Wars in the future.

Thunder birders are go!

Love Vw camper vans always have!

Now that's what I call a rocket.

American plans and fighter jets.

More plans.

 German plan getting a refit.

These tiny tools work and was great the man who made them use to be an engineer in the army and drove the truck he made talked to him for a long time about it. 

The truck he drove.


A car that I picture what my wife's first lesson, driving looked like.

So this brings us to the end of this show come back next week to see the Crewe Show.