Batman Tournament Time - Who to Pick?

West Coast Gamers announced their first Annual Batman Miniature Game Tournament this week, and it will be taking place in Aspatria, Cumbria. Despite being an hour away, this will probably be the closest I can get to a "local" tournament (Cumbria can be pretty, but it does take a while to get places).

Brambleten's Tour Of Gotham - Part 8: GCPD Detective - Another One Off The List

Not every character in the Batman Miniature Game gets a name. Most do, in one form or another, be it the Green Arrow, or Turk, a Black Gate prisoner with two pistols. Some just get a job title, such as Gotham Policeman (better known as Fat Cop) or Clown (Knife), indicating the weapon the character is armed with. The GCPD Detective is one such character.

Basius 2 From Wargames Bakery - Getting Started and the Projects to Come

They're here at last! Earlier this week I got to experience the rush that you get when you find a box of Kickstarter goodies waiting for you. In this instance, it was two large resin squares from Wargames Bakery. Well actually, it was two of their new Basius 2 basing mold pads from their Kickstarter that was run between September and October last year. After a few delays, they were all delivered to Mantic last week, and shipped out this week. 

Painting on the Go!

Image result for painting on the go

One of the best things to do when it comes to miniature painting is painting with others.......

Age Of Sigmar Starter Box Unboxing and an Optimist's Opinion So Far.

With The End Times ended and the Old World destroyed, the plotline for Warhammer Fantasy didn't really have a lot of places to go. So, where better to go than up into space, with a god riding a big rock who then meets a dragon creature. Seems legit.

That's a pretty condensed version of the premise for Age of Sigmar, but Games Workshop needed to reboot somehow after a pretty successful showing of ripping a couple of decades of lore to pieces in The End Times in a process that injected a lot of enthusiasm back into a game that for some (myself included) had gone a little stale.

There are a lot of naysayers about in regard to Age of Sigmar, but I'm going to try not to be one of them. I'm going to try and give what should hopefully be a positive outlook on the new game and also throw in some pictures of the brand new Age Of Sigmar starter box, containing Sigmarines Stormcast Eternals and some Khorne dudes.