Review: seam line scraper

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With this being crazy right now I thought I little review might be better than nothing.

So we will be looking at the Model craft seam scraper.

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If you have been into any arts and craft shop you have probably seen these tools and they are at most shows I have been to but there is one tool I came across when looking for a better way to sort out my mold lines.

I am aware my pictures could be better so at the end I will add some pictures from online to show off the scraper better.

So what do you get you get a handle and the blade.

The blade is double ended so you are able to use the other end if you manage to ruin the other.

And you can see it in its handle.

And now for my option and review about this.

I have only been able to use this on two models one was a plastic GW figure and the other was a GW finecast model. 

Now a bit about the three sided blade the point is sharp BUT the sides are not too sharp. Meaning were with your scalpel, you could cut the model because of the sharpness of the blade and with the GW scrapper it was so thick it was hard to call it sharp at all.

One thing I love about the blade is you are able to get into the smaller places and it will not do as much damage as your blade would. Also, I love you are able to make the whole blade longer, meaning you are able to get into again harder places to get with other tools.

Overall, I really love this tool and I was shocked how good it is. Both on plastic and on finecast. And I could not recommend it more!!!

Right for the pictures of the blade from the net you will be able to see what I am talking about better.

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I would highly recommend this to anyone and it would make a great stocking filler!!

Anyone use one of these please comment!

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