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Right first off, this is not a review I just like to add pictures and could not think of one so this other than a scenic base, the story of this was it was ment to be done for the Massive voodoo comp, but as time did not permit I was unable to get it done on time but I still wanted to do it. 

Also, why buy one when you can make one!!

So I was keeping with the theme from the comp I wanted to do a canal.

Time for the good old cork bored.

Cut and glued it with zap.

Now, because I was going for a canal I went for more of a vertical side because most canals have them being man made. 

Then added some texture to the sides and began adding soil for my ground.

After a chat about what I wanted to do (you will all see soon) but it was decided to turn the canal into a river. So added the lip of the bank to make it looked cut away by running water.  

Some stones into the sides of the bank. 

Then roots into the side of the bank and on top of bank  

The Roots I got from my garden I did not pull anything up to get it, but I was able to pull only the roots not causing any issues.

Then I added some debris to the bottom of the river. Bricks and a doll. 

With the doll it was an off cast from one of Johns Japanse line he makes and having a studio where you can nick what he does not see (miscasts only) has its advantages. 

Then primed and ready to go for painting!

This is the point when I will leave it till next week.

Like always comments always welcome.

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