Bolton 2018 Show!!

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New year with the start of new Shows!!

Come have a look at what was on offer.

So this year the Bolton show was in a new venue at the Bolton stadium 

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Not actual picture of the show only the room because did not know how to get upstairs if we could at all. The day its self was very fun and enjoyable. 

So here is what was on display on the day.

First, we have a ww2 german diorama.

Allied is taking prisoners of  Germans

American tracked jeep crossing a river.

Dont get to see much snow on models and here we have three tanks with show of the white stuff. 

Next we have a car that has been in a proper fender bender. This is how my models look even when I am trying to make them look normal.

Arnie (darker picture then I would like.)

What an odd group of Russians.

A modern tank

Race car.

Napoleonic bust.

Allied ww1 plane

Desert diorama.

boat at docks

Droid land cruiser from ep 2.  

A tired looking house.

3.......2........1.........LIFT OFF!.

Boxing during ww2.

Not sure the Story behind what is happening in this modern scene, but it looks great. 

Sci-fi garage.

Iron  Maiden plane with an Iron maiden beer bottle as the base.

Not sure whats happening, but it looks good.

Fire engine.


This race car had the engine on show and looked amazing, but I was unable to get a good picture of it.

All the subs 6inch and foot long painted your way.

Landing craft.

This table was a bit messy, but had a few nice things to see amongst them all 

Table of Planes.

The three stooges.

German resting by his plane between raids.

Fighter jet firing torpedo.

A modern tank.

Love the minion in carbon 

Hope you all enjoyed the models and it was a very nice day. Anyone else there at the show or anyone been to one lately? Comment below.

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