Making leaves.

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Baseing can sometimes need a little something to make it look that little bit more realistic.
So lets make some leaves! 

So This is what I have for making leaves. Got this a long time ago and have not had a chance to use it yet, you can get these anywhere these days but this one is from green stuff world.

Last year I got a bag full of leaves that I have still got in my office. 

Then the next part is the cutting the leaves from the leaves.

Collected them all up into a small container.

Right you may think that this is the last part and we are all done, well no because what I found over the next few days after cutting them is that they started to cling together and to clump in the box. So what I needed to do was to dry it out again.

 So to dry them out involves cooking them in the oven!!!!!!

It's not as hard as you might think, the only hard part is keeping an eye on it before it goes too far. What you need to do is place them all into an oven tray and put the oven to 110 BUT leave the door open so the idea is the heat moves over the leaves to not cook them but dry them. So you need to take them out and keep an eye on them and put it back until dry.  

And there you have it! Hope it helped and please do try it if you have done it please comment below!!

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