Cant find it, make it!

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Ever wanted to do something thing and to do it you may have needed to buy something that cost more than you would like for what you want to do Or you just cant find anything that would do the job well I did and thought I might as well make it!!

So what I wanted to make is something that can add random texture to something so it looks natural and to uniformed like it does if done by hand to buy this in the shop as is would cost about £10 plus that includes shipping.

So my plan was to make a Feather wire or messed up wire brush.

So took an old/cheap brush I had that I could not use for anything else. can't put a price on it but you can buy one for 50p to £1 

And a beefy boy BBQ  grill cleaner that cost £2.

The next thing on the shopping list was some solder this was £1 I got two for future use so I will only count the one as that's all I need or you.

Now this is the part where I turn to Items that I already have and you may or may not which is a Dremel and soldering iron I don't think you need these Items but I was going to use the solder for something else when I got it and I am two lazy for wire cutters.

So this is why I wanted the cleaner it has close to 50 of these little sets 

And when a set is cut away with a dremel or cutters. 

After that I removed the brush and then kept all the wire together with a little bit of tape I soldered the wire into the ferrule. You can use glue. 

Then Glue the ferrule back on the handle and we are done.

Could have turned out better, but first time using a solder iron in about 20 years. All in all it cost me £2 and saved £8 and I also have what I need to make 40 or so more!!

So what you all think? I will be trying it out on something soon.

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