Wamp: Select Range Paintbrushes go live on Kickstarter Tomorrow!

The Select Range of Paintbrushes from The Wamp Store go live on Kickstarter tomorrow evening!

There will be 8 brushes up for grabs along with some brush soap, a brush case and a brush roll. There are also limited tickets to the Wamp Workshop, which is a 2 day painting event/course happening later in the year.

This is the first time I've been part of the production team on a Kickstarter (rather than on the buying side, though I'll certainly be picking up a set) so I am really excited to see how it all pans out. 

This is a relatively simple project - 8 Brushes, 3 items, no stretch goals. Everything is up for grabs as add-ons as well as in pledges, so you could just get yourself one brush, you could get yourself a hundred! (we'd very much like it if you bought 100 ;) )

So, what are the brushes? Well, they are custom made for us by a world renowned brush maker, with Pure Kolinsky Sable bristles. Each brush is designed for a specific task and labelled for quick and easy identification.  

There will be two main levels of pledge - the Starter Set and the Premium Range. These are 4 and 8 Brushes respectively. The first 4 of the following are in both sets:

Fine Detail
Equivalent to a Size 0. A very sharp tapered point makes this ideal for really small details such as eyes. The bristles are slightly longer than some other brushes allowing for better flow that gives greater precision precisely when its needed.
Equivalent to a size 1, this is the main workhorse brush. Its larger size over the Fine Detail allows it to be utilised not only for detail work but for blending applications. Once again a fine point coupled with slightly longer bristles allows the brush to offer great control.
Equivalent to a size 3, the Basecoat brush is a larger size that allows quick and easy basecoating. The bristles are slightly more rounded and shorter than the detail brushes. Many painters may also utilise this as a second brush when doing two-brush blending.
Equivalent to a size 0, the freehand brush features extra long and thin bristle arrangement that is perfect for smooth thin strokes that are required for detailed freehand work.
These are then joined by the following 4 in the larger Premium Range:
Large Basecoat
Equivialent to a size 4, this large size brush is great for applying large swathes of basecoat quickly but still features a great point to allow for precise work.
Vehicle Brush
Equivalent to a size 6, this is the largest brush we produce. It is aimed towards larger scale projects such as scenery or large vehicles.
Equivalent to a size 2/0, this small brush is designed for lining work. Its extra long bristles allow for long smooth flowing brush strokes. If you are after long thin lines on your edges of freehand then this is the perfect brush.
Fine Freehand
Equivalent to a size 2/0. This is a small sized brush but it has been given a conical shape bristle with a fine tapered point. This allows extra fine precision work but the reservoir holds more paint than equivilent sized brushes. This mean precise strokes can be applied without the worry of the paint running out mid-stroke.
I could go on and say a lot more, but I think that is enough detail for now. If you aren't a member of Wamp or follow them on Facebook, I'll be posting up when the project goes live tomorrow night.

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