Midland Model Expo

Midland Expo

I first went to this show last year and this year was the last (not my fault at least I don't think so)

So come and have a look at what was on show. 

These are a few busts and figures and the figure painter who is very talented who also won 1st in the painting contest is called mike and is 86 years old so there is hope for me yet all I have to do is wait 56 years.

Some allied biplanes in different scales.

Table of tanks.

Tiger Tank.

Pot noodle tank.

 Trebuchet. Harder than it looks to build I tried once and never finished it.

Not all but some Avengers.

Looking forward to watching the second film still not be able to see it yet.

Mr Toods half price cuts.

A very nice train not sure it it was a kit or not but looks good.

A what I think is a Russian diorama 

Remember the last time you thought I wish they would do a scale model of a jet being pulled out of a mountain well they done it!

two very nice flats

I wonder if he is thinking why Sean Connery has not returned his phone calls.

A little drummer boy.

William Wallace 

A grumpy looking queen Elizabeth the first. 

I think this is an American ww2 pilot 

A table of planes.

Not sure what this is.

A ww2 desert scene.

A jet that stood out because it was not just gray. 

And two more.

Some Ships

Now that's what I call a Connon.

before brake lights were fitted in all tanks!

Winter maneuvers. 

Germans at it again!

Americans have a bit of R&R

A little gun.

These are a bit odd not sure what they are but they looked good.

British coming up on a German bunker.

British airborne 

Table of cars.

I am a huge fan of biplanes I may have to do one.

A 3D printed model also a reminder of what happened to them all!!!

Another 3d printed model.

A droid I have never seen before.

Loved the film and love the model!

He painted this one his way!

Iraq War.

A cutie little plan with a fun way to show the take off.

In a dark, dark house in a dark, dark road.

British soldier.

The original Banksey

And finally a world war one memorial. 

Hope you Enjoyed seeing it all and it is a shame that this was their last one.

Join me next week for the final pics of the Happy monk. 

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