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Every few months there is a group build at our club which I have to admit I don't normally bother with as I don't build tanks or ships this time however I was handed a kit and told I really should do one. Have to admit I did push it to the back of my mind and was trying to figure out if I wanted to do it, then it dawned on me that a future build I wish to do has decals and I have not done them since I was a kid making red arrows and spitfires with my dad, so this would be good practice on how to do it and if I mess up its ok. 

So this week its a post about me bodging a kit to practice decals.

I thought I did take some pics of the kit in Spur but I may have deleted it as this project has been on the to do list for a long time. So we are going to jump right into the build and paint.

After glueing it all together. (Minus the Cockpit hatch)

So because I had a lot of black primer mostly because I favor the gray. 

Then, using the Airbrush did the underside in Ghost white witch is a blue white.

And then on top I used military green 

Then from there I painted the back end of the jet engine Black and used olive green as a sort of highlight because I thought it looked boring. (I did not want to put too much effort into this, but come on)  

Now we get to the part which made me what to do this which is the decals. We all could do it the old fashioned way with just a bowl of water, but why when you can waste money on this!!! A decal tray.

The Idea of this, is there is a tray in a basin and you are able to do it easier or something (I know I am not talking this up or anything but its good but does nothing a bowl of water would not Edit: the tray does lift out the water so cleaning is just wipe it into the bin rather then down the sink and fish it out.) 

With the decals on I was meant to add another, but I placed the back ones too far back and did not have any space oh well I am not fussed but the rivet counters will hate it!

Now just the finished air plane.

This was fun to do instead of 3 weeks of every day for hours it took three days to finish and was a reminder of how to do decals. 

Let me have it what you all think?

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