EBMA hobby bottle stand. Review/unboxing.

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Got this at the Bolton Show thought you all might be interested to see it.

This comes in a little Ikea flat pack, so you will need some wood glue (or any glue)


First side added.

Other Side.

One of the front plates.

Other side added.

And all together.

With the top on.

And here it is with my water bottle and brush.

The other good part is it comes with 4 top all with different size holes for larger bottles. 

I got this top as an extra so I could keep paints that I am using mixed together so I don't forget.  

Like so.

This is a great little holder and with more tops that can be bought there is a size to fit anything you need to keep safe. This is perfect and I am sure made for keeping bottles of liquid that could do damage to your work bench and project me I thought it was good and worth the £4.50.

If you would like one, head over to http://www.ebmahobby.co.uk 


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