My name is Dan, and I recently joined the team.

I have been a hobbyist (old GW term!) for nigh on 30 years. In that time I've collected everything from Space Marines, to Elves, Daemons and modern-era models. Like everyone else, my painting right at the start wasn't anything spectacular. I never primed a model (at 11 years old you have neither the funds or the know-how) and my paint was always really thick. But at that age it was the most awesome paint job ever!

After around 5 years of painting off and on (though gaming throughout) I was inspired by a friend of mine called Nick Thorburn.  He used a rather unique 'Extreme Highlighting' method, with really deep dark shadow tones and bright highlights. No blending, just blocks of colour laid over each other.  I practiced this technique until I was happy with the results, and could churn out models like nobody's business! Combine that with the old GW Inks (those older painters out there will remember Chestnut and Brown Ink no doubt) that had a glossy finish to them. These inks really made my models pop, and meant I could work even faster.

In later years I tried blending, which is something I'm still not particularly good at (room for improvement perhaps? Yes, always!) But the later GW paints didn't give me the effects I craved, and my painting technique changed once again.  It's safe to say that my current painting style is what you'd call circa 2001 GW style. I once painted a Beastman Shaggoth (still got it somewhere, I'll dig it out and take a picture) that was almost identical to the one on the box.

I had two stints at GW Carlisle (and 6 months in Dumfries before going back and running Carlisle right as 4th Edition 40K was released and the Storm of Chaos Summer Campaign was in full swing) and I really got into painting models as they are on the box. What better advert for a model than an almost identical copy in your store, right? Teaching people to paint was always a passion of mine, and still is, hence one of the reasons to join this group. I will be stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying a host of new techniques including blending, NMM, airbrushing, and whatever else I think will help me step up my game!

So, what do I like to paint? I'm a huge fan of Fantasy models, as in swords and sorcery.  I have a rather "small" undertaking that I will be sharing with you over the coming months. I have recently acquired a copy of Milton Bradley's Heroquest, and a copy of GW's Advanced Heroquest.  Combine these with Warhammer Quest and WHQ Silver Tower, and you have the history of these dungeon crawlers, painted week by week for your enjoyment.  Oh! And all the Dungeon Saga games and expansions too. You could say I like dungeon crawler games.

I also have a number of other painting projects to throw into the mix: Batman Joker Crew, Wrath of Kings Honor & Treachery Starter Box, Gentleman's Club (from Empire of the Dead) and my ever growing Trollblood army for Hordes.  I have recently backed the amazing Dark Souls Kickstarter and the Super Dungeon Explore Legends Kickstarter as well, which I may put paint to model at some point.  There is a full Maki Rolljordan Chaos Bloodbowl team en-route (working team name Lords of Pleasure) and a copy of Sedition Wars to go through too. A number of these are large projects, but I will post some odd models that I fancy painting from time to time, and may even do the odd request or two!

I look forward to getting your feedback on my projects, and I hope to impart some knowledge along the way!

You can see my work here.



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