South Cheshire Militaire

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So the last show that I have been to was the south cheshire militaire
Come and have a look at what was to offer.

Every shows needs Chewbacca!!!!!!

They had a lot of massive rc planes

The hobbit with three clenched rings.

Some massive RC lorries. 

Would not be a model show without a table of plans.

Some British solder busts.

would not be a crewe Show with out stars wars models around.

The boats were back!

Looks like they tanked this one!

 World war one tanks.

Sherman tank in the Snow.

Another boat.

Swamp Monster.

Collection of priates.

Small german plane diorma.

Natures crash mat.

Panzer tank.

British, Napoleon 

I don't think you need to be told who these are.

Rebel base!

WW1 battle field trenches. 


WW1 german tank on train.

French Napoleonic solder on a horse.

Germans on the march.

Some more boats.

 This final is a huge diorama of ww2 British railway station and airfield. 

And that brings us to the end of this show was another great day out.

Hope you all enjoyed it.  

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