Unboxing the Retribution of Scyrah All In One Army Box

As promised on our Facebook page when it arrived, here is an unboxing of the recently released All In One Army Box for Retribution of Scyrah from Privateer Press. Inside it is a full 35 point army consisting of 1 Warcaster, 2 Warjacks, 2 units of troops, a troop command unit and 3 solos.

It is described as a limited release box aimed at either new players or veterans wanting to start a new faction, so it won't be around forever. I picked up mine from Element Games for just under £90.

The first surprise for me was that all of the plastics were still in their own individual boxes. I had expected it to be similar to a GW Battalion Box in which you get a load of sprues and half a dozen sheets of instructions. The Metal models were split into three blisters - Warcaster, Halberdier Command and then the three solos.

Also loose in the box were a mini rulebook, two double sided hints and tips sheets for the faction and the metal minis unit cards which are useful, seeing as the Warcaster in the box - Issyria, Sibyl of Dawn - isn't in the faction book.

Now onto some slightly more detailed pictures of the content.

First up are the Houseguard Halberdier Officer and Standard Bearer. These guys attach to a unit of Halberdiers to give them some buffs. I don't mind admitting that the first guy reminds me of both a Sontaran and Juggernaut from X-Men with that helmet.

Next up is the Warcaster - Issyria herself. She comes in multiple pieces, though thankfully the long floaty cloak bit is all one piece. She also has some legs, but I forgot to get a snap of them.

Now we have the solos, starting with the Houseguard Thane

The Arcanist

Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios Mercenary - She falls under the Mercs faction and can be used by a number of others but thanks to her Retribution Partisan rule, she effectively counts as a Retribution mini the same way the others do instead of counting as a Merc.

On with the content of the plastics boxes. These are the first boxes I've picked up from a company that is virtually sprueless. In fact, there was only one small sprue between the four boxes.

Since taking the pictures, I've completely forgotten which 'jack was which, but both boxes have options to build one of three different 'jacks. I did a little dry fitting and it seemed to go together ok. While there does appear to be some clean up required, it doesn't look particularly strenuous.

The other 'jack, with the only sprue out of the 4 boxes. 

and now for the infantry. Most have a solid body, with arms and head separate.

Instead of shaking the entire bag of Halberdiers out, I decided to just pull out a small handful of bits - Halberds, Shields and packs are separate to the torsos. One thing I did note is that all of the infantry and characters come with slotted bases, yet all of them have had tabs removed, meaning a filling exercise is needed to use the bases as they are if you don't plan on adding a base topper. 

Finally, the Houseguard Riflemen. These are mostly three piece models, with rifles and packs separate, though some do also have separate heads.

Overall there is plenty of stuff in the box and as a newcomer to the game, it certainly seems a good place to start and get a few games with before mixing and matching other units into the force.


  1. That looks like a heck of a deal in that box! Thanks for the pics!

    1. No problem :)

      It is quite a deal, having just fired everything in the box into a basket on Element Games it comes to just over £145, and that's with 10% off as well so over a £55 saving.