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Last weekend I attended Scale Model World in Telford and it was a great weekend.

This is a very pic heavy post with close to 150 there where 1000's of great models and these are the ones I was able to take pics of.

Starting off with an Amazing Special boat service royal marines on a mission.

An example of a Sig with an interest in planes.

This may have been worse then having to paint 200 space marines. 

An amphibious bi-plane.

The battle star Galactica display was back again.

This little 72 scale diorama I enjoyed because it showed more than military which if you are a model maker you may know it hard to find something other than that.

This little gem is an even smaller diorama.

A landing that captain sully would be proud of. 

An airfield display table 

A plane from a air craft carrier.

A model that shows a very dramatic scene at sea.

Frankenstein up to no good.

Grandpa Munster.

I was not able to take a very good picture of this because of where they put it on the table but it is Gandalf not allowing something to pass. 

Micheal Cain would be proud of this one.

Two soldiers playing football.

A end section of a table.

Something that can happen with clubs who have miniature painters in it like us they get a little stand.

A Sig that is all about them subs.

The following is of a very nice display a lot of effort and thought went into this.

The ships that were at the show this year were of a great standard.

A star destroyer that looks to have crashed

A space ship.

An unfortunate miss hap wile transporting.

A world war one tank.

A very impressive transformers display by Airbrush Heaven.

B3 you sunk my battleship.

Millennium Falcon round dish.

A zombie apocalypse.

 Not sure if I have shown this before, but I love this life boat.

Middle east conflict

Thunderbirds are GO!

Just like in almost very film the Enterprise is down again!

A nice Steam punk model.

This was called when fruit goes bad! 

A Napoleonic battle.

Top gear eat your hart out.

Jungle warfare

The tanks of World war one.

Two very nice Trench scenes from world war one.

They don't build them like that anymore.

A bulldozer tank

Looks like they are trying to decide who's fault it is.

The pritty in Pink german bi-plan.

The Tornado Sig.

Always time for a cup of tea.

 Three very good busts.

A German having a look at the ass hopping the brits are giving them.

British advance with the aid of a tank.

 I always wondered how a heavy gun got its ammo and now I know.

 20,000 leagues under the sea.


A naval tug boat 

A transportable dock used in Normandy for the landings 

A cave world very nice little scene.

Ships of all different sizes

Who you going to call


If the Germans had this then we all might be talking to the man in the high castle.

world war two version of a tale gate party. 

A explorer boat and under the sea very nice and very good.

A hovercraft.

There was not many sail boats this year, but this is a fine example.

Fishing in a sea village.

A U.N armored car.

Aussies and their sheep!

This model is Amazing and the pictures do not show its true amazingness

Jurassic plan.

A very nice flat.

A german trench raider.


A dog fight in the battle of Britain.

A German Bunker after being taken.

These two are a very scary what If?

 I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the show It was a very good two days and I look forward to next year.

Was there anyone out there who was at the show as well??

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  1. Thanks for sharing, nice to see some lovely and diverse stuff!