Thornley & Ratch pt 1

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My Next Project will be the Miniature by FeR miniature called Thornley & Ratch.

Also comes with a hat as well, which is nice if you would like to have it rather than the bandanna.

So starting with the Hat. 

So I started with doing some primer pre shadow I have moments when I do it and most of the time not.

With this one I thought about doing the hat more worn leather than the nice shinny stuff, but adding some shine in areas of the less worn which is not too much mostly in the deepest shadow.

With this I used an old large brush and went at the model in more stabbing action with lots of different shades and types of brown to give it a more suede feel as well as warm  

It's very hard to have a this and that step with this because it has a lot of back and forth until it starts to tie in with each other and also it is a very fast process and easy to forget to take pics as you go.

All that is left to do with this is to glace in some more color into the highlight and shadow and to do the pipe as well as the little strings. I plan to use the hat not on the model, but on the side of the plinth to add a bit of interest.

As always comments are always welcome.

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