Can you hear me now mother P2

After last weeks work on the head, it's time for me to work on the body.
Funny or not so funny thing about this body is that it consists of three of the hardest colours to paint which is for me anyway Red, white and Yellow maybe not for everyone but then again we all have those colours we find hard. I did not take as many pics as the head turns out so this will be shorter.

With the Red I decided to go for a as bright red as I could do and use drown red to shadow and in some places a more black.

With the Yellow and the White sash thing I decided to that the sash should be similar to the white on the hat and the Yellow start off with a more mustard yellow and only highlight it with Yellow.

How I have to admit this is where I started to forget to take any pictures so this will be a massive jump and large typing talk through I must prefer to have the pics do the talking but oh well.

To make it easier I will explain in little bits and show the almost finished at the end.

Neck Tie

With this I again, sticking to my reference in the first section decided to go with black and used a gray to high light.

The Leather

With the leather because it is white leather and because I am not very good at the lines yet that you see on some of the great work by Krill I decided to paint it as I would of done my other brown leather but replacing lighter brown with grays and other tones and to make the white more shiny like leather I mixed a small about of watered down gloss varnish to the white to make it more shiny. 

The Crest

With this I thought I would mix things up and add make it bronze.

The shoulder fluff

Very lazy, but a black wash.

And finally all of it together there is still more work to do but I am sure you have worked out by now that will next week with the finished model.

So please come by next week and see the finished thing.

Please comment below would love to hear how I am getting on. 

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