More Orruks!

I've been a bit off my painting in the last couple of weeks but let's check out some more Orruks!

This unit took much longer to finish than I had thought it might, partly because real life has been getting in the way pretty heavily in the last few weeks. Which is a shame because in general i'm pretty motivated to paint.

One other disapointing thing which happened, was Horus Heresy weekender tickets sold out in a flash, that had been a painting competition I'd been hoping to get to but sadly it seems not to be.

Anyway on with the Orruks!


Nothing too special here, I just took what I'd done on the single model and extended it to the unit. However because it took much longer than I had thought it would, i'm not super excited to paint any more orks just yet anyway.

Not really sure what I'll do with these guys. I've recently got hold of the silver tower box, which I'm hoping to play a bit, so getting stuck into that is likely my next project.

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