Jack The Ripper from West Wind Productions - A Closer Look

We're going back through time for this week's A Closer Look, coming face to face with Jack The Ripper, from Empire Of The Dead by West Wind Productions.

Age of Sigmar Khorne Army - Part 1.5

The rule of 5. 

Unfortunately this week, my time has been limited due to working longer hours. So I wanted to look at batch painting larger units. 

The Blood Reavers, as last week's WIP Part 1.

Playing with Purple - Hannibal Part 1

With my Batman gang finished, it's now time to turn my focus back to Purgatory, and that means Hannibal.

As I've already painted one Purgatory piece so far in a white suit - Saint Peter - I decided I needed a different colour for Hannibal, but one that was similarly outgoing. It didn't take me long to settle on purple.

WIP Warrior Priest: Part 1


I've started a new project, on an old warrior priest model, but i'm not to sure about it, let's take a look..

Erishkigal from Purgatory - A Closer Look

Today's Closer Look is focused on Purgatory's latest lovely lady - The Host of The Soul Train, the Fallen Angel Erishkigal.

Age of Sigmar Khorne Army WIP - Part 1

I would like to introduce my current large-scale Work in Progress of my Khorne army for Age of Sigmar.

Goretide Age of Sigmar Khorne Army.

I split the AoS box with a friend when it was released, and I intended to only collect and paint those particular models before buying any others. But, like the true hobbyist I am, I bought pretty much every cool model going thereafter, and my plans were squashed!

Under The Red Hood - Batman Gang Complete

With a week until the Phoenix Lakeland Wargames show at Rheged, I've finally finished up my Batman crew to take to the BMG Participation/Demo table. The last model that needed painting was Jason Todd, the Red Hood.

2D world!

Inspired by

Who ever said its all painting Pt. 2

So we have a how its going to be carryed but do we know the what? well the only way to find out is to build it and pray to god it works.

Gambit from Knight Models - A Closer Look

This week's A Closer Look sees us venture into the Marvel Universe Miniatures Game from Knight Models, with Remy LeBeau, better known as Gambit.

BMG Joker Crew - Ready for Mayhem!

The Joker Crew pour from the gates of Arkham Asylum. They are ready to hit the streets of Gotham City to cause as much chaos and mayhem as they can before the Bat arrives!

The streets of Gotham will never be the same again.

ArcWorlde - Battle For Troll Bridge Kickstarter Unboxing

Shortly after finishing my ArcWorlde Halfling Spearmen last week, a nice courier brought a big box full of goodies from the ArcWorlde: Battle For Troll Bridge Kickstarter. Battle For Troll Bridge is a starter box with four factions, perfect for getting people started in the game. 

Infinity Unboxing: PanOceania Starter

Hey guys, something a bit different this week, we take a look inside the new PanOceania starter box, beware the photo bomb within..

Who ever said its all painting!

Image result for put the paint brush down

Some time with miniature painting you can seem to paint yourself into a rut, and its a good thing to some times do something to get your mind of painting, this can help to provent times when you get to a point when you down brushes for months before you can be botherd to start again.

Ltd Ed Flint from Guild Ball - A Closer Look

Welcome to another exciting edition of A Closer Look. This week we return to the Guild Ball pitch with the 2016 Limited Edition Flint, who plays for the Masons.

On The Desk - Mean and Green Part 4 - Banner and freehands

Back to the Archon this week (or rather a few weeks ago, had this update waiting for a while!) Let's have a refresh of where I was:

Batman Miniatures Game Joker Crew WIP

Hello and welcome to my first Work in Progress project.

I bought the BMG Joker Crew models well over a year ago, and started painting them at the time. With the Phoenix Rising Event coming to Cumbria on 25th June, and the addition of a BGM tournament, I thought it best to dig my crew out and finish them off!

Due to a miscast, my Joker's knife was non-existent. But that doesn't stop him stabbing people anyway!

Halfling Spearmen from ArcWorlde - Showcase

A little while back, I started up my second randomly generated project - Halfling Spearmen from Warploque Miniatures that I picked up way back in their first Kickstarter. I had intended to do various progress blogs about them, like Part 1, available here, but in the month since posting that update, I've been distracted by painting up Batman and a cop and unboxing Fallen Frontiers and a Pin Up cat lady. So instead of a Part 2, I have 4 finished Halfling Spearmen!

Last of the Immortals Show case

This little immortal is finished and has been a nice way to get over a little hump I have been having come and see how it turned out.