Wombourne Show


(I know the Picture is out of date, but the show is not.)

This show was a lot smaller then what I thought, but there were models to take pictures of and everyone was very nice and it was a good show!

And here they are.

First, we have a bust this one I know because a friend painted it Paul from the bulldogs.

Did not get a closer look, but this may be an elf leaning against a tree.

Another little lady this one up a tree.

From now on I am not able to tell you what these are other then the general model I.e Plan or what ever, In the ipms I am classed as weird for not knowing what things are but I don't care I am a painter so that's all I care about.

So here we have a plan/jet and it has a bee on it which I did find cool.

A very good flat painted by a very good painter.

Next we have a boat on the shore, which I really like because of the separation of wet and dry sand as well as the footprints. 

Another Ship this one sailing and the water I think looks very good.

German ww2 plan not sure what but I thought it looked cool.

Not seen this type of thing before which I thought made a very nice scene.

Table of tanks.

The really nice guys from the motor museum where there with their display.

A shot of the racing sig. Also, this is a idea of the size of the show I was almost touching the other end of the hall.

The Viking ladie from nuts planet.

I know this model has popped up before other shows but I do like it and I feel I am able to take better picture as time has gone on. 

This is a massive figure. 

Another but I think I have shown before.

This is a Sad section the Wombourne club this year has lost three of its members (they died) and this is a memorial stand for one of them with all of his models. 

Minion Tank!!!

A troop lander.

Hawker Huntsman CC1

Collection of armored tanks and cars.

What would happen if both pilots steer in the other direction. 

Nice little race car.

And finally an Armored something, not sure.

That comes to the End of this show sorry I was unable to show more, but to be fair, there was not much there and I am not too sure if I will be doing it next year due to the 2 hour drive.

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