Ghostbusters Echo 1a.

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With Talford round the corner, its time for building the model for the table and this year because its the 30th anniversary of the club it was decided that the theme would be the 80's so anything that's related to the 80's I went for the Echo 1a and here we go!

 So the Kit was from amazon and cost about £30 or so.

The shell of the car.

So getting down to building it and getting some of the parts painted.

The underside of the car.

Because I plan to add LED to this I thought there was no point to go over the top on the inside so because it is on the table and not going to be looked at too closely then it does not need to be perfect. (also this is not my thing) 

The wheels.

Now this part we get to the LED this was the after kit i got from online 

A shot of how they look some flash, but it's a picture and not a vid.

With this I need to remove the battery pack from the leds and do some drilling to the model.

A close up of the lights.

The Leds through the bottom of the car. 

That's the end of the lights for now, time to build and paint!

Now like with most things I messed this all up and ended up having to buy a new one

And this is why  

Lets just say I now know not to do something!

Next week I hope to show you all something I have not messed up again and on the bright side my daughter has a car to play with.

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