I had been introduced to the fantasy world when my brother bought me my first Dungeons and Dragons basic set when i was 8 years old in 1983. 1st edition D+D paved the way to the Palladium, Rifts and Heroes Unlimited universes for myself and a couple of friends throughout most of high school, then I was distracted away from gaming until i was about 25. I was always interested in miniatures when i was young, but there was just no extra funds available to buy the expensive miniatures. The Dungeons and Dragons Chainmail pewter skirmish line drew me back into the gaming world in 2001 and was i drawn in. It wasnt long before i had nice sized armies for all of the available factions, and had a ton of them painted as well(i cringe when i look at them now). It was a mere 2 years later that WotC decided that they were going to cancel their pewter line and move to pre-painted plastic, which was the end of the road for me, though i did end up getting a bunch of pre-painted D+D years later to skirmish with a couple of buddies. I started making scenery with D+D chainmail and still have some of my original pieces which are just brutal. Back in those days our household had no internet(didnt get internet until 2004) so painting and making scenery was all just sort of throwing it together. As we live in the middle of nowhere in Northern Canada getting books on scenery was an almost impossible task for me at that time.

By 2004 I was collecting and playing multiple games, many prepainted skirmish games came to light in that era and at some point in time i collected them all, but even more than playing the games my real drive in the hobby was painting pewter minis(mostly reaper at that time) and especially building scenery. In 2007 i seriously in jured my neck and since then i have been dealing with chronic pain and i barely sleep so that leaves me with alot of spare time to work on projects. I found that my ex-cabinetmaker woodworking skills came in quite handy in building scenery and it didnt take long before I did a bunch of commissioned 3d boards for various games. I did commisioned scenery for a few years for Heroclix, Heroscape, and D+D rpg.

It was about 2007 when i started to look into Games Workshop games(up until then i was deterred from GW due to limited funds) and Warhammer Fantasy caught my eye. I started looking around on bartertown and ebay for cheap armies and got some deals, but it wasnt long before i realized that the figures that interested me the most were the older Warhammer Marauder era miniatures. From there i have stemmed into other older GW lines that interest me, most noteably Mordheim and Necromunda. I then started scouring local buy and sell sites for large GW lots driving the 2 hours each way into the city. I figured at the least i could sell some to make some cash back, and keep some figures i wanted to paint. After 7 years i now have nice sized armies for many WHFB(12k+ O+G, 10k+Dwarves, 10k+ Lizardmen, 8k+ dark elves, 8k+ lizardmen, 8k+VC, 8k+ WoC, 3k+TK, 3k+ Bret, 2k+HE) and 40k(10k Orks, 8kTau, 3k+ Marines and 2k+ tyranids) as well as Lord of the Rings. Still trying to find deals for original mordheim and necromunda figure though!! So these days i have been really bitten by the necromunda bug and have been making custom gangs using my huge selection of 40k figs to substitute the hard to find originals. I also have been building an intensely detailed city for necromunda, and after posting pics of the toxic ponds i built i had quite a few requests so i wrote a tutorial which is leading me to write more scenery tutorials.

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