Enough is Enough!!!

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Have you ever looked at something online and gone, I love that why don't mine look like that.

I did and thought I would do something about it.

So every now and then I have weird moments when my head works as it should and I understand things and notice something that is wrong and what I should do to fix it (I could go into it all but then you might feel sorry for me) but this happened when I looked at a Wip by Anton Pryakhin can show the picture but a link to his Instagram https://www.instagram.com/anton_pryakhin/ and I am talking about the Skin.

Now when you are lucky to have a few miscasts of a very skin related bust you are able to go wild on them and with Alfonso Giraldes and the #fucksmoothness I thought I would play and not really worry about the painting and more about the feeling.

Have to have a base coat.

Then realize it is too red.

These are the colors I thought I would play with.

So with the green I glazed it into the shadow. 

 Then purple into the deepest shadow. 

Then added some extreme highlights. 

Then from there thought changed tone by adding more hot colors to it and changing the highlight from white to a more yellow.

Then, because it looked a bit OTT for I glazed it all back.

Ok, I have to admit I did not really stick to the #fucksmoothness and that's because I like it!!! 

I also bought a book as well, but more about that after I have read it.

So anyway, this is what I have been playing with this week what you all think and have ago its fun to not really care.


  1. Color by betty edwards, good read. no pressure fun is the way to grow. Trying new techniques and mediums will let you make mistakes and learn from them too! #painteverything

    1. Have that book in a list of them and will be getting it after I have read and digested the first or I will end up with a book pile like my mini one which I will never get through

    2. enjoy it! Lots of fun exercises :)