Behold! The Chests of Conan!

"The adventurer stealthily worked his way into the house through the slightly opened window. Creaping through the deserted mansion, he worked his way through the winding corridors and into the office of the proprietor. There, as promised by his informant, were several sturdy wooden chests, freshly returned from what appeared a lucrative venture at sea. 

As he set about opening one with his picks, he wondered what treasures would be inside..." 

Now that the grand title is out of the way, this post isn't actually all that long or interesting - sorry about that!

Sometimes you get in a rut where you just don't feel like painting anything. I've been having this more and more recently, along with some occasions where I would love to paint stuff but physically can't thanks to stupid messed up hands and wrists, which just sucks.

So, to try and get back into the swing of things a little, I decided to grab some stuff out of Conan that I could batch paint to (a) try and get some mojo back and (b) make a dent in the 200+ models Conan added to my project list, which currently stands at just over 2500 minis.

The Conan stretch goal box contains 5 chests and 5 crates or armoured boxes. I decided to paint them all up the same way to save time. Brown base, lighter drybrush, bronze metals, a sepia wash then highlighting the metals up to gold.

They're not the best things I've painted (though certainly not the worst). They aren't the most interesting things I've ever painted, let alone blogged about but they're finished, which is what I was aiming for. 

10 Conan pieces/minis down, 220 to go!

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