On The Desk - Twenty Year Project Part 3

More slow but steady progress this week on Asurmen. Last week we started repainting the cloak, I finished that up with some contrast work and a simple trim added. I'm eager to improve my freehands but the models I'm painting at the moment don't seem to have much space for them! The trim was painted with the Scale 75 NMM gold set

When painting red it can be really hard to do highlights, anywhere up from red can lead to the dangerous path of it just looking pink. I added a little Ivory to my red and very carefully added some to the brightest points of the cloak.

I also painted the twin Shuriken Catapults that Asurmen has on his wrists. I blended them from black to a black/GW Karak Stone mix. Then Ivory for the sharp lights.

And finally the loincloth! Again I used Karak Stone, I used a lot of fine brush strokes to help suggest a linen style texture. I painted the cloth as normal then after that went back in and did the lines, glazed some more, then more lines.

Check-list of things left to do:


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