Bolton Show 2017.

I was there if you were as well then you know how good it was if not don't worry I took pictures.

And here they are.
To start off with we have the Wirral table which I was displaying on.

A ww2 german scene. With a kiss model photo bomb.

And a shot at the side of the table.

A scene with the Germans surrendering to a tank crew.

WW1 German POW with guard.

German March with tank.

Some war Ships and I asked not called, Boaty Mcboatface!

A very great underwater scene with boat very nice.

I took pictures of this at another show but lighting was poor there and had a better chance to get better pictures this time.

A very big plan with others.

This club I think likes plans.

A recreation of a picture and Very Good! 

Bust of a demond.

This monkey man is great and looks a lot like the person who painted it.

A pic from the main hall, as you can see lighting here is not as good as in the smaller rooms.

A very nice sub

This plan was huge and must of cost a fortune, and I personally would not know how to store it in my house that's why I stick to the small stuff.

Another massive plan.

Scratch built ghost buster pack. Very Cool 

Hard to get good picture, but I hope you can all see how good this is. 

Germans tank playing hide and shoot.

Loved this because it does show how even a picture of the real stuff Ie water rather then modeling it looks very good as well.

These guys won best in Show.

Another Car Sig.

A german Camp.

German desert airfield.

A battle Bot. 

German Solider in the winter.

What Show would be with out the minions.

Japanese Plan loved the weathering on this and the flag really adds to it all.

Sream minion.

Scratch built boat! 

Adam West would be proud!

WW1 dog fight very cool!

Some more Ships. 

A house on fire with Led.

Ship battle.

And finally a what most would call a textbook landing.

This year the show was great got to meet some new people again and also got to catch up with people who I met last year and know from elsewhere, love shows for that reason and this is one of the more social shows of the year.

Hope some of you who have not been to one before thinking about pooping to one near you they are great fun and if you are willing to talk to people then you are able to make lasting friendships in the hobby.

The Next Show I will be going to the Huddersfield show on the 12th.

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