WW2 US BAR Gunner Pt 1.

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Following on from my British officer, I thought It was time to move from the first world war to the second and you never know in a few years I might be painting a model from the thrid (trump!).

Also with this one I am trying to do more in the basing area.

Image result for WW2 US BAR Gunner

So to start off with  I thought I would show you all the figure. For reference I used this image from google

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Also, when you think about it what they look like from the day they landed to the day they either died or the war was over they could look like anything I am sure most of us would not care what you look like or are wearing in that situation. 

The colors I used were military green and Khaki's and browns for the leather shoes. 

The trousers I used the Khaki highlight to add highlights and texture.

For the top and using the reference I used Khaki and that's all that I have which is shadow and highlight and normal. 

I also added some browns into the shadow and used gray as well to try and add some dirty feel to it without it being black or too much brown. 

For the gloves and scarf I went again with military green 

Finally, we have the face.

You may have noticed that it does not have the Cig anymore, I knocked it off and lost it and then thought oh well never mind lol.

This Sunday I will be going to the South Cheshire Militaire show so next week I will be showing how that went in their new venue the week after will be the base. 

So how do you all think I am doing all comments welcome.   

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