On The Desk - Twenty Year Project Part 2

I haven't done a great deal of painting over the last few weeks but a little progress has been made on Asurmen. First lets look at where we were after Part 1 (link)

First up all the awful gold bits, back then I mostly just used metallics with no attempt to shade or light them or anything. I think the gold doesn't look right for this scheme anyway so I'm going to repaint the chest piece, ammo feed and detailing on his legs in a wraithbone colour, and then finish the sword hilt in the same style.

As you can see I've also repainted the chest symbol in a more standard black/white scheme. I think the red/yellow before drew the eyes away from the face too much. The various bits on his waist have been painted, the holster in red and wraithbone to match the other details and pouches in a dark brown. I've also neatened up the face plate and painted the eyes.

The wraithbone was painted using P3 Menoth White bone with glazes of VMA Armour Brown and a little black added for the really dark spots. I then went back in and used the base plus white to add the highlights. (in this shot you can see on the ammo belt and leg greaves)

Final WIP shot for this week, I've blacked in all the gems ready for painting and I've also changed the helm a little, still more work to do on it but I've made the pattern much clearer

And on the rear shot we can see I've made the first steps to replacing that terrible cloak. I'm still not that happy with it yet, I want to do a freehand of some kind but there isn't much open space for it, maybe i'll do a trim. I think for the large gem type...thing, I'll do a space style galaxy...thing on it.

Getting there, I have two weeks to go and haven't even started thinking of a base yet!

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    He has hijacked my website and taking all my material without permission. I'm trying to shut him down, perhaps if others approached him we might have greater impact.

    You may want to check his sites to see how much of your material he is stealing. Good luck!

    Great stuff, by the way!