Huddersfield Scale Model Show.

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The weekend just gone I was at the Huddersfield Show and here are some of the things that was there.

I forgot my camera so all of the pics have been taken with my phone camera.

First, we have a ww2 American something sorry I am not to sure what the vehicle is. 

Apocalypse survivors.

What, looks like a Russian armored snowmobile   

Some tractors made of clay.

ww1 soldier.

The great ww1 truce.

Dead pool.

Thunder Bird 4 

Cyprus 1956 

95th Rifles 

The thing.


WW1 British soldier 

French Nurse ww1

S.A.S in London

Very small scene Russian ww2 I think

ww1 British soldier 

These are flats.

A classic 1950 American fuel station. 

Very small ww2 American tank.

WW2 British on the march

Another Flat (would love to do one at some point.)

WW2 German tank 

Some odd but cute minion plans


Again, some more flats.

WW2 American jeep in the woods.

WW1 British tank you may notice the officer from somewhere. 

Nananananananananana Batman

More flats.

American WW2 battle scene.

WW2 German Tank boat.

Was a great show and apart from a stinking cold was a really good time and I look forward to it again next year.

Did anyone else happen to be there or are there any shows in the Northwest that I might not know about please comment below.

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