South Cheshire Militaire show

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Been to another Show come and see what was on offer.  

This year the Show moved from the heritage museum to a school so the Major issue with lighting was not an issue this time.

As like always they had people dressed up as usual here are two who I think are from the civil war 
I asked to take their picture but did not want to ask who they were because I did not fancy getting into a very long convo as you might think.

They also had stuff from WW2 as well as people dressed up as well.

Some Lego models

A very big nice nice ship.

A WW1 diorama.

There was a room with Cars people were making them but they did look like most you could get online or in story shops but I know if I pointed that out I would of had my head ripped off lol. 

This looked liked something out of Camberwick green

This next few pictures are all of the first picture, but to give you all a better look at this massive piece of work. 

This was the Clanger table (alot where bought and not much made or painted) 

A Syfy table with alot going on. 

Star Wars rebel alliance

Back to the good old days of thunderbirds and captain scarlet 


Odd Hell boy child.

A Mummy bust.

Teen wolf bust.

Collection of miniatures star trek and batman.

Fredy and astronauts.

Predator and other models.


Captain jack sparrow.



Walking dead.

Germans what looks like in north Africa. 

Another german scene this one I did think was odd because of the size of the block very big.

Have to admit not sure what this is.

Star Wars.

Another ww2 scene.

In this area throughout the day they were using RC stuff, funny thing was they caught a helicopter in the net. 

Had to stand a very long way away to get all the ship in shot.

Another Ship behind is a Co compare wannabe.

More Ships.

I think this is a military bulldozer.

More WW2 guns it was funny because it says don't touch, but they were selling them as well!!! 

These ships were Huge!

This I thought was very interesting its a tank, but in three parts to see it all.

Them pesky Germans up to no good.

British WW1 tank and crew.

Ork bust.

This is why I have not allowed the wife to get any garden gnomes. 

Three Busts.

Odd Diorma with troops coming up from the trenches to see a fox hunt.

A 1:72 scale scene from ww2

Not sure the scale but it was even smaller.

Our Wirral stand.

Motor Museum. 

These may look like a painting, but they are flats done into a scene.

Looking for Japs.

 An archaeology dig.

A garden, maybe a Japanese one. 

A modern solider on operation not sure about the screws.

ww2 Burma 

AirFix 1:72 scale battle of Waterloo.

This brings it to the End of the pics for this show for this year. Hope you all enjoyed and maybe you were there. My next show will be Stoke on the 19th of march.

Hope you all enjoyed.

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