WW2 US BAR Gunner Pt 2

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Carrying on with my WW2 US bar Gunner but working on the base.

This base is a rather big one and more of a scenic base than a base to be fair.

So to start off, here is it ready and primed to go.

Then for the bricks I used red brick. And at this point blacked off the unused areas.   

Plaster on the back of the wall.

Decided to go with a gray for the Stones and cobbles. 


Then I went on to Ebay and got something I have had on my list for a very long time and that is pigments I was able to get a very good lot for cheap and then went about weathering the crap out of it all. As well as try to fill some of the imperfections on the base.

Then added another base under it to lift it all up. as well as do the morter on the bricks.

Now down the stairs I decided to have it down to the water so I used clear resin for the water and used water effect to make waves. 

The base at this point is almost done part from sorting out the black pole and maybe a bit hear and there. 

please do make sure you come back next week to see the finished model and also please comment below about anything.

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