Unboxing Purgatory's Moloch

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so here's a little something for your Monday evening - unboxing Moloch from Purgatory.

Moloch is a member of Murder Inc, and is a hell-fueled mechanical monstrosity. That description is pretty apt for not only the lore and the game, but for the model itself. The model was sculpted by Fancagne Didier and cast by GRX. He was funded during their recent Kickstarter campaign and is due to be shipped out with pledges in a few months time.

I was amongst a small number who were lucky enough to get their copies early, so here he is.

The box is the standard Purgatory box, though inside was just the model and it's base - the San Ban card and postcard have yet to be produced but will be included with future castings.

The first thing I want to talk about is the base insert. It's huge - I haven't measured it exactly but I'd guess at 80 or 100mm, which will be a little tricky to get a lipped base to fit. I've put in Saint Peter on his 40mm base for scale.

Moloch arrives in many parts, all sensibly sized and cut - no Malifaux style beard sections or palms of hands etc here.

I said at the top that it's a monster of a mini - looking at the pile of pieces, it's not a kit for a novice - it'll take some time to fully prep and assemble.

At first glance the head looks like a typical angry minotaur's head but closer inspection to the lower areas of it show off the telltale rivets of a mechanical construct.

Similar to Iron Man having an Arc Reactor in his chest to power him, Moloch has a furnace - or simply is one. 

Again, we have Saint Peter for scale - and he's no short arse himself - with the torso roughly the same height has him with the spiky codpiece offering extra length.

Moloch has four spiky arms, all the better to pummel and bludgeon his foes with, or in the case of one poor soul, grab you to thrown you into the chest furnace.

One unfortunate person has already been thrown into the furnace and isn't all that happy to be there, judging from his expression as he tries to escape from the grate.

Moving further down Moloch, we have a ball joint groin piece (all the limbs are ball joints, though the hoof prints in the base give an indication of where the feet should be placed to match the initially designed pose.) followed by his rather chunky legs, and they've got to be to support such a massive beast.

We also have a couple of armour plates, though I'm not 100% sure exactly where they go, and some rather delicate chains to apply in various areas, as can be seen on the completed sculpt below.

While all of the models and artwork Purgatory have produced scream character, the sheer size of Moloch in comparison to the rest of the models means he demands attention, as befits a center piece figure. The casting from GRX is good, there are only a few pieces of flash and sprue to remove but a model of this size is never going to be a quick fit, file and glue - quite a lot of care will be needed to get him right but with a little patience, he'll be ready to be about smiting people in no time.


  1. You can get a full range of lipped bases from mierce (although they have facing indicators on them that you may want to shave off) http://mierce-miniatures.com/index.php?act=cat&cre=tpf-bas&sou=cat

    1. Now that is good to know - looked everywhere for a 60mm lipped base for Hulk when Knight moved the second wave of him up from 40mm.