Stoke on Trent Model Show and Figureworld 2017


Sunday just gone I was over in Stoke for the Stoke on Trent Model Show and Figureworld 2017.

Here we have part of the Bulldog stand.

Don't you hate it when someone buys you a spitfire and you have "oh, I love that they are my fav" then all of a sudden you are the spitfire guy and that's all the gifts you get.

Looks like the same thing happened here, but with WW1 biplanes. but have to admit not seen may of these at shows was nice to see. 

I was told these next two Ships were Spanish  

Part of the Sutton Coldfield table.

Here are some scratch built bunkers in a very nice display through the seasons

This little guy was very impressive and the size added to the Awww that's cute!

Who are you kidding!

A Viking not too sure about the boat the way it is cut makes it look like it is sinking.

American Indian.

WW1 german.

I nice cross section of the hobby.

I am a figure painter and know nothing about tanks or plans, but thought it was nice to see a tank on wheels and not tracks.

I ask the men sat behind this table what models are you most proud of and these are the two the first which is scratch built.

And this one, although you might think, oh ok but it is also scratch built and he said he had a lot of issues with the wheels 

Merseyside club only time I have ever seen fire engines. 

A very nice scene from ww2

These guys love their cars, but if you tell them you can get that in toy r us for cheaper they don't seem to like you. 

Statue of liberty.

Now that's how to do a sub.

I am sure this is from a film, but I am not sure.

These are from the British Airborne Sig

Now we have the models on display with figureworld.

Looks like something from how to train a dragon.

The stand for Figureworld two sided. 

This comes to the end of the pictures and it was a great show have to admit it was a smaller one and the amount of people through the door was limited, but the people who were there and with what was on display and being demoed it was a great day would of liked more people through the door but that's for the club.

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