Happy Monk Pt 5.

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This guy is Happy but I think I may have taken things too far with this one!!

So some people might have been thinking when are you going to paint those kick ass waves? And the answer is after I cast them in resin (won't be painting them fully) I know crazy but in for a penny and all the other things we say to justify our own insanity.

Also, I have to admit I am very lucky because in our Liverpool studio John has all the equipment needed to cast this and he loves the fact he tells me how to do something over and over and I still don't understand.

So to start with I removed the waves from the base and placed it on clay/putty on a Lego board.

Then, when the size needed was worked out I needed to build up the walls with more Lego.

Making sure it still fit ok.

I was told to  build it up twice the size of the waves I did find this odd but it did make sense.  

So from there its time for the silicone forgot to take pics of this so I will type you through it to the best I can remember with the silicone to make/prepare it you pure the silicon into a container John is a fan of plastic cups and then you add a catalyst to the silicone the amount you add effects working time with it and depending on what you are planning to do with it.

This is a vacuum chamber and the silicone was placed in here in the cup to get all the air out from mixing the two together. 

The cup in the vacuum. (I know the top is a mess, but this stuff and the resin are messy as F and to clean it perfect all the time would be more time spent cleaning then casting.)  

When all the air was out it was time to pour it into the Lego house and over the waves.

And after adding some more and taping the sides to try and stop any leakage. 

Then came the part that made the hole thing a pain in the A. That is the removing the mold from the Lego fort when each brink is stick to the mold and some had leaked so were stuck together and harder to remove.

You may notice the black and that is because ran out of silicone and used some different stuff lying around to fill it up.

Since the plaster was gone, I have redone the rock front again and cleaned up the base better since the plaster.

The other reason this was a pain in the A was because as you can see from the picture below the plaster had a lot of places to hide and be to be stuck and the plaster cast did not survive this at all which is a shame as it was my back up if things go wrong as well at that the wave had a lot of small parts at the very top and going through this to pic it all out was a pain and I was getting fed up being told I missed some!    

The resin is the same I used for the American gunner. 

I added a green, teal to the resin Looks a lot darker at the moment, but I hope it will turn out right don't know as of yet but I am hoping it will turn out right.  

Same treatment with the Resin as the silicon so vacuum.

And from there into the pressure cast. 

And there is nothing else to show you right now because it's waiting in the pressure cast as the resin takes 24 hours to cure. 

Has anyone ever thought about trying to do this or has anyone be silly enough to do this for their models??

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