Distressing Wood.

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I know some of you may be interested in how the waves turned out and to not show you all how it went as of yet might really annoy you and if that is the case I do apologize. But I found something out while painting and I was so happy about that I found this out and was not told I thought I would show you all why I feel I invented the wheel.
This is all about the Boat and what I used to paint it, but I will be showing you the idea and the steps on a bit of square balsa wood

Items used for this.

Oils paints these are the cheapest of the cheap ones.

White Spirit  

Super glue.

Also have to say you really need to use old brushes with this oils and new shinny brushes is not a good idea!

Ok, so we have the wood which we want to make look weathered or old. 

Now this next part only really happens if you eaither would like it or because of gluing it together. but for this I am adding it to show how it effects and so on.

I added some glue randomly on the wood and allowed it to dry.

I also smeared it to make the drying faster.

Then from there added the brown on top. As you can see the glue stands out and if not, just thrown on here and there can be used to a add a effect. 

Moving on from here we get the oils out.

Placing small amounts of different oils all over the wood.

Then, with the White Spirit wash it all to mix and so on.

Ok, you might think looks good what about the old look, that is what happens when it drys and the more white spirits you more you get.

And this is how it looks after the event


It also has an effect on the super glue and also the wood which making it split on the surface and raised.

Hope you all enjoyed and this all takes no time at all and I felt great when I came across it and hope it helps, next week I promise that I the waves with be on the subject.

As always comments are welcome.....   

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