Happy Monk Pt. 4

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Sink or Swim for the boat!

last week I was left with alot of nothing with out knowing where I was going to with it and if you missed it this is where I finished.

So after getting told what for on my thursday paints in liverpool I came back and thought it all out how I could do it all better and came up with the idea of a compass and blade but as that did not work out I stuck a pin in to a pencil ( I know you can buy this ready done but I wanted to get things done )

But the needle did not cut it and things alot worse so what I did was I did use the compass with a sharp pencil and lightly penciled out the shap I wanted and used a blade to cut the rest.

The under part of the boat/skellington. 

The planks cut and hopfully the right size because I only thought about it well after it that I could of done it better.

The main Skellington of the boat I do plan to file and cut and smooth it out but with the wood being to thin and fidderly I need to have it think to be able to put presure on it.

Planks cut and ready to go.

Starting to add it to the boat.

the amount of times I stuck my fingers together and to the wood was shocking.

right from there I finished it off and found that I did not do to well with the planks but I came up with a fix which is its hitting a rock get over it. and the boat was to long so cut it down and added some to the water well blue taced it where I want it.

Still alot more I need to do with the boat with filing and painting but I am very happy with how it has gone even if there is something wrong with it but oh well.

what you all think?


  1. Love that sense of story/ movement.

  2. thank you Zab nice to see you still lurking!