Happy Monk Pt 3.

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Like with most things the show must go on even if it is going slower than it should.

So this week, it's been a bit lackluster with the progression with the monk as a hole but there has been a few reasons for that which I will bring up later. 

What I have been working on is a bit of more modeling than painting and I can tell you now I am a crap modeler and an even worse painter lol. What I want to do is either have a row boat smashing into the rock that the monk is on, or if I am unable to make the boat to have wood and other stuff in the water to make it look like it did, the latter came up if I am not able to do what I want to achieve.

So having a look at what I had on hand, I thought I could mister Macker it with what I had so here we go.

Started off with  I thought I would be able to make the structure out of wire I had.

And from my garden I got some plywood from an old rabbit hutch for the planks. 

Another look at the outer shell.

Cleaned and cut for the planks.  

Now this is where my modeling hit a wall because the frame was not strong enough and the wood was not flexible and broke. 

Now one of the reasons work this week and for a while is on a slowdown is I have come to the point I want to stop smoking so I am trying to use a vape mod and even though it is meant to be easy I am finding it hard and my ability to concentrate is also nonexistent.  

So after the first go I went online and bought some bolster wood. 

So from the wood I began making the shell.

Bolster wood I found is very hard to work with on a small scale so I went the wire again.

At this point I was beginning to doubt myself again so I came up with a plan B with the help of my wife. Which was to take an Airfix kit I had in my cupboard of things I buy and then throw in there because I forget why or I move on to the next Idea.

Now with this I thought with a bit of sanding and scraping I could turn it into something that looked similar.

Then, with pastic card I also got with the bolster wood made planks.  

Had an issue with trying to stick the plastic card to the wire so had an idea to use masking tape to make something that it could stick to but did not work. 

A look and my plan B.

This comes to the end of where I am up to at the moment.

Any and all comments are welcome, please do tell me. 

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